How To Identify a Lakeland Terrier

A Lakeland Terrier has been around for a couple of hundred years. Used as a means to hunt vermin and eliminate foxes terrorizing the farms, this animal is one of the oldest working dog breeds used by farmers. However, are you able to identify one if you come across it? There are many terrier breeds, and the Lakeland is just one of them. This breed has a particular set of features that will make it easy for you to distinguish one among other types of terriers. If you would like to learn more on identifying a Lakeland Terrier, read the following information.

  • History. This breed of terrier hails from the United Kingdom, and can be traced as far back as the 1800’s. This canine is a descendant of the Old English Black and Tan Terrier and the Fell Terrier from the Lake District of Northwest England. As mentioned, this type of terrier was trained to hunt and kill foxes that were attacking sheep in farms.
  • Features. At first glance, you will notice that the Lakeland Terrier has a short and rather wiry fur. Each dog differs as one would have a different set of colors than another Lakeland Terrier. There are about ten varieties of color for this breed of terrier. This canine has a long and thick neck that appears to be quite strong, while the body starts from thick at the shoulders and ends with being narrow near the pelvis. The terrier is also quite strong and agile. Another distinguishing feature of this dog is its upright tail, and that this terrier almost never sheds hair at all.
  • Temperament. Even if the Lakeland Terrier has been used for hunting, it is also very affectionate to its master. The canine is also very smart, alert and curious. This is why training one at times can be quite a handful. He believes that he is smart enough and does not require the training of the master. However, it is also eager to please its trainer. This dog is quite bipolar at times. At one moment he can be friendly but when commanded to do so, will be aggressive. The Lakeland Terrier is also not a noisy dog. It will only bark when it requires very much needed attention or only when an important situation arises. For example, when a land a farmer owns is being invaded by unpleasant animals, it will bark to get the master’s attention. But other than that, it will remain relatively quiet.

In conclusion, no two dogs are alike. It really depends on the master on how he trains his companion. The history and the general temperament of the dog only serves as a guide, not as a permanent stamp on how the animal will behave for the rest of its life. The outcome always rests in your hands and how you treat your pet. Now, you have been given much detail in identifying a Lakeland Terrier. So if you decide on getting one or you are just simply dog-spotting, you would know how one looks like! Good luck!


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