How To Identify a Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat breed was originally known as the Archangel cat, because it was brought back by sailors from the Archangel Islands. This was the preferred cat breed of both Queen Victoria and Russian czars. Here’s how to identify a Russian Blue cat:

  1. Fur texture. The fur of a Russian blue is a thick double coat, with relatively short and dense fur. Use your finger to draw a picture in the fur of a Russian Blue. The fur is so dense that it will hold the image for quite a while before the hairs fall.
  2. Color. All Russian Blues are blue. There are lighter or darker tints, but if it’s not blue, it’s not a Russian Blue cat. This is the easiest way to identify a Russian Blue cat. The tips of each hair often grow lighter, with a look that has been described as “silver-dipped.” These silver ends make the hair shimmer in the light. Some Russian Blue cats have a color that is closer to gray than blue. Russian Blues may occasionally have a little white around their neck, but otherwise the Russian Blue has no other colors in its coat.
  3. Facial features. The eyes of a Russian Blue are wide-set and very dark green. Along with the blue fur, the green eyes are another distinctive characteristic of a Russian Blue. Taken together, these two features are the surest way to identify a Russian Blue cat. The Russian Blue’s wide-set ears tend to lean outward from the head. The face is slightly flattened, but not overly so.
  4. Body structure. The body of a Russian Blue is muscular and quite long. The Russian Blue tends to be average sized or a little larger.
  5. Footpads. Check the color of the foot pads to identify a Russian Blue cat. If it is a true Russian Blue, the footpads will be mauve or pink in color. Other blue cats will have grey footpads.
  6. Pedigree. Even if your cat has all of the markings of a Russian Blue, including the distinctive color, this may be random. Many pet cats in the United States are simply referred to as domestic cats, and have no specific breed. A Pedigree is the only way to definitively identify a Russian Blue cat.

The Russian Blue is a beautiful breed of cat with distinctive coloration in both the eyes and the fur. This calm yet playful breed is affectionate but not dependant of your attention, making them a good choice for a pet. These intelligent cats can learn to fetch and can often open closed doors.


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