How To Install Invisible Electric Dog Fencing

While having a fence that can electrocute a dog may seem brutal and inhumane, the mild shock will actually teach a dog to stay within the confines of the fence thus, ensuring that your dog will be safe and secure inside your property. Technically, the shock that they will feel is very mild that it does not really hurt them. Anyway, if you are looking to get this type of fence up and running, know that you can actually make this project a do-it-yourself job. All you really need is a simple working knowledge of electrical basics and some elbow grease. Here are some tips on how to put up your electrified dog fence.

  • Accustom your dog with the collar. The collar is the critical part. It is actually the thing that will enable the electric current to shock the dog so it is important that your canine friend wears it all the time. Now, introducing a new collar to a dog may result in some resistance since some dogs do not like the choking effect of the collar. Some dogs find it annoying. This being said, you need to get them used to the idea prior to building the fence. Insert the collar and tighten it just enough so that the electrodes under the color touch the dog’s skin. Now, the collar will emit a beep, which may bother the dog, so letting him wear the collar a few weeks before installing the fence is a good idea.
  • Start digging. In order to build the fence, you will need to dig the trenches where the fence will be lined up. Obviously, you will want to measure the area where you want the containment set up first. When digging, you will want the trench to be 2 to 4 inches deep. Make sure that you don’t hit any underground pipes or wires during the digging. If possible, contact your utilities providers before hand to check if you might hit any lines during the installation.
  • Set the control unit. Find an elevated location near the fence where you can mount the control unit on. A wall or a nice wooden post might be a good idea. Drill the holes for the screws and mount the unit.
  • Install the wires. Unroll the wire and attach one end to the control unit. The other end should be aligned in the trenches leading back to the control unit. Plug in both ends and fill up the trenches with soil to conceal the wires.
  • Configure. Once everything is set, you will want to proceed with configuration. Basically, you will be setting the unit to activate the current based on the proximity of the collar. You will want to set the right voltage as well. The voltage should be based on the size of your furry friend. The bigger the dog, the higher the voltage. Consult the manual to determine the right voltage for your dog.

Once the fence has been installed and configured, turn on the power unit and the dog’s collar. Let your dog roam around the area and watch his reaction should he venture near to the invisible fence. You may feel some guilt at the start but know that this is the best option to ensure your dog’s safety and security.


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