How To Install PetSafe Instant Fences Outdoors

PetSafe instant fence is a brand of dog restraints that can be easily installed. You do not need to have a physical fence around your property to prevent your dog from leaving your yard and running away. PetSafe instant fence is a wireless restraint that can be adjusted to determine the zone that the dog is allowed to play and run and where the zap zone is. Below are the instructions on how to install PetSafe instant fences outdoors.

  • The transmitter to operate the PetSafe instant fence should be installed first. Determine the zone where you will allow your dog to run and play freely. The transmitter should be in a central location to cover the whole area you have selected. The maximum range is about ninety feet in all direction. The containment area is a circle around your home and property.
  • There are some conditions that should be met when installing the transmitter, aside from it being centrally located. It should be at the ground level of your home, away from large metal objects that may interfere with the radio signals. The transmitter should be mounted on a wooden table or wall two to three feet away from the ground and the area should be dry and well ventilated. The temperature in this location should be moderate and do not go beyond the freezing point.
  • Do not mount the transmitter until you have determined and tested the area. Plug the transmitter into a standard electrical outlet. Set the boundary switch of the transmitter to high and the boundary control set to eight. You can adjust the boundary switch later if you want to make the containment area smaller.
  • Check that the batteries are installed in the receiver. Take the receiving collar in your hand, with the receiving points touching your skin and walk around the area you have chosen to know the boundaries. You will hear a tone when you are outside the boundary. Walk around your property, keeping in mind that the containment area is a circle to check if this is the right place. Once you are sure that the place you have chosen as the containment area is to your liking then you can mount the transmitter.
  • Set the receiving collar. It has two receiver points that should touch the neck of your dog, battery receptacle and LED lights which will turn on when the transmitter is activated. The package includes additional longer receiver points for dogs with longer hair. Turn the nuts to make sure that the collars are installed and bolted tightly.
  • Adjust the correction level on the collar. Its default is to beep. The correction level should be adjusted based on the size and character of your dog. A shy and timid dog will be fine with the correction level set to two.
  • Turn the transmitter on once it has been mounted and adjust the levels. Carry the receiving collar with you again to re-check the boundaries and install the boundary flags. These flags will help your dog identify the boundaries where he will be allowed to play while you are training your dog. Straying outside the boundary will cause the transmitter to emit a signal and give your dog a mild zap of electric current that is not harmful but will totally irritate your dog.

Train your dog to recognize the boundaries so he will not stray outside of it and get zapped. The PetSafe instant fence is a good way to train your dog to stay within the allowed area but do make sure that you remove the collar and turn off the transmitter if you are taking your dog with you for a drive.


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