How To Instantly Remove Skunk Odor

Image of dog and skunk

When your dog or cat has been playing outside too long, chances are they may have gotten in contact with other animals. Although you see to it that your pet animals are always hygienic, you cannot always keep them away from getting dirty. What’s worse is when one day as you let your pet inside - you smell the nauseating odor of a skunk. No doubt your dog or cat has been a victim of skunk spray. If you do not act fast, the smell might spread indoors. The sulfurous chemicals stored in the anal glands of the skunk cause the offensive odor of skunk spray. Skunks spray this foul odor as protection and defense from other animals. Skunks have the ability to spray the substance even from a distance of fifteen feet.

Here are methods that you can use to instantly remove skunk odor:

  • You will need these materials: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, liquid dishwashing soap, scented candles, incense and spray bottle.
  • Isolate your pet. Place it at the back yard and bathe it well. Use a good shampoo (one with nice scent). Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in a pail of water and use the mixture for the final rinse. Dry its hair with a hair blower.
  • Mix one fourth cup of baking soda with one quart of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray all over the house, giving particular attention on the areas where you dog walked on.
  • You can also use commercial fragrance air spray if you have one available in your house. Always choose natural-scented fragrance air sprays. Other artificial scents may even make matters worse because they can be too strong for the nose. There is a product in the market called “Skunk Off” which is very good at eliminating skunk odors.
  • Apply chlorine bleach on areas that got in contact with skunk odor. This technique is useful for cleaning and deodorizing floors, stairs, porch railings and other surfaces that have skunk spray. However avoid using bleach when washing yourself as it has strong elements that can harm your skin. Chlorine bleach is not advisable for carpets and furniture too.
  • To get rid of skunk spray on a carpet, give it a thorough wash. If your carpet is removable, haul it outside. Use some home remedies such as tomato juice to remove the bad odor. Spread the tomato juice all over the carpet and brush off with a firm but soft bristled brush. The acid content of the tomato helps dissolve the skunk odor. You may try other acid based juices like pineapple juice to remove the bad smell. You can also use these natural remedies when dealing with fabrics.
  • Use ground coffee. Yes, ground coffee has a strong smell so it is very effective in concealing skunk odor. Spread the coffee all over the carpet. Let it stay for a while. Next wash the carpet with carpet detergent. Rinse well.

If, despite all the home remedies you have done, and the skunk odor still stays especially on your pet, you better seek professional help. Bring your pet to the veterinarian or pet grooming station. Meanwhile you can have your carpets and clothes cleaned in a washing station or dry cleaner.


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