How To Keep a Dog from Climbing the Fence

If your dog gets off your property alone, your pet is in big trouble. You are not in control anymore when this happens. In fact, your dog can encounter all sorts of things such as being lost, being hurt, or being picked up by the animal welfare group. To let this and other worse things not to happen to your pet, it is better to keep your pet from climbing your property's fence. How can this be possible? Check out these tips to guide you all throughout the process:

  • Observe how the dog climbs out of the fence. From far away, notice how your dog is doing his thing in the fence. This way, you can determine the right things to do just to prevent him from doing it again. For instance, if he uses certain objects to help him climb the fence, remove those things.
  • Do not let the dog stay long in the yard. A lot of studies support the fact that dogs easily get bored with their surroundings. Hence, if you keep your dog long in the yard, it will follow that sooner or later, he will find ways to get to a new spot. If he does not have access to the inside of your home during times like this, he will always try to climb up the fence.
  • Tie the dog when outside the house. This is true even if someone is supervising your pet in the yard. Tie him out until such time that the dog is satisfied with staying in your yard and will try to climb up the fence no more.
  • Keep your dog entertained. Make it always a point that your dog is not bored when in the yard. Walk him at least once or twice in a day for 30 minutes. Give him toys that he can play with to keep him occupied while at home.
  • Reward the dog for not climbing up the fence. If your dog stays at home, praise him or give him some treat. If he tries to climb up the fence, command him not to but not necessarily hurt him.
  • Coordinate with the rest of your family members. If there are family members that encourage your dog to go up the fence, everything you do to keep him off the fence will be useless. Hence, talk to everyone and make sure all of them understand this rule.
  • Do not play with or train him by the fence. Do not include jumping or climbing up the fence in your playing and training activities with your dog. If he is used with the idea of climbing the fence, it will be harder for you to keep him from doing so.
  • Do not use harsh objects to keep your pet from climbing up the fence. There are electric fences and shock collars these days but these things are not advisable to be used for your dog to teach him a lesson. This can not only hurt the dog physically but can also cause trauma, which can lead to behavioral issues for the dog.

A dog can naturally find out ways on how to climb the property’s fence even if no one teaches him. However, this is not a skill that you must praise your dog for having. A lot of trouble can wait for your dog the moment he crosses the fence. Therefore, as a responsible owner, always make sure that you keep your dog from climbing up the fence no matter what happens.


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