How To Keep Birds Away from your Home

Birds are always beautiful to watch. They are such amazing and graceful creatures, which makes bird watching a well-loved and popular hobby of a lot of people. Many works of art have also included birds, whether stationary or in flight, as their particular themes. In the world of photography, a lot of the best looking shots have been taken of these magnificent creatures and all their different species. Some homeowners may even welcome them into their properties not only because they can be a good form of entertainment and also help in keeping other unwanted pests away. Pretty as they may be though, they are not always welcome in all homes, because they can be quite annoying and do cause a lot of problems. They could make nests in the eaves of a house and leave unsightly white droppings on window sills rooftops. If you are one of those people who would like to go bird watching from afar instead, here are ways you can enjoy them from a distance and away from your property:

  • One way you can try to keep birds away from different areas of your home is by applying certain repellent gels onto the places that they are most likely to roost. These would include rooftops, the chimney, your window sills, and the parapets. You can purchase these gels that may come in squeeze or caulk tubes. These gels are sticky and remain so for a period of about year.
  • If this proves ineffective, you may set bird spikes on these specific areas instead. These are wires that are thin-gauged and come in rolls. You simply need to attach them the places where the birds enjoy landing and roosting. This could help solve your bird problem.
  • Scarecrows are very effective in shooing pesky birds away. You can set one on the top of your roof or on spots close to the birds’ nesting places. Plastic owls are also very effective in keeping birds out of your property. They are also easy to move anytime and can be set anywhere you think the birds will come visiting.
  • Check on sonic devices that are manufactured for this purpose. Another way to go is to simply make a lot of noise when you notice birds hanging around your property. You can do this by clapping your hands and making shooing noises to scare them away. Shake your trees if you notice them there. This will surely drive them away.
  • Newspapers wrapped around posts where birds love to perch are also quite effective in keeping them away. Helium filled balloons hovering on high places and bobbing up and down create movement that disturb birds and make them settle someplace else.

By following the methods mentioned above, you should be successful in making these unwanted visitors change locations. It is very possible that when one method doesn’t work and you move on to try another, they may finally get the message and keep away from your property, hopefully permanently.


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