How To Keep Dogs Off Grass

Homeowners who enjoy having a well manicured lawn are often at odds with owners of neighborhood dogs who wander unto their property. Often, these dogs use the lawn as their personal toilet much to the dismay and irritation of the property owner. Some even dig up the flower beds with abandon!

There’s a solution to this problem. Here are a number of ways to keep dogs off your lawn.

  • Put up a fence. A strong and sturdy fence should keep those pesky dogs off your beautiful lawn. Just make sure that the fence you erect is high enough so the dogs can’t jump over it.
  • Use cayenne pepper. Most dogs are not fans of cayenne pepper. A few whiffs of this spicy ingredient and they will move on to the next green pasture. Sprinkle some of this hot powder all over your lawn especially in the areas these dogs frequent. The cayenne pepper approach is one of the most humane methods of keeping stray dogs off your lawn. It is inexpensive and safe, too. Just make sure you don’t sprinkle the cayenne pepper when it’s windy. Otherwise, some of the pepper may enter your eyes causing a hot burning sensation. Apply cayenne pepper over your lawn weekly for at least a month. Hopefully, your regular strays will get the message by them.
  • Douse the grass with vinegar. Another safe way to keep dogs off grass is by pouring vinegar over their favorite areas. You can even mix citrus juice with vinegar to make this natural repellent more potent. Ammonia can also be used as a repellent. The only problem with these types of natural repellents is that too much of these can kill your plants. If you want to use vinegar, citrus juice or ammonia, it is best to apply these around the perimeter of your lawn only.
  • Apply a chemical dog repellent. Go to your local garden supply store and ask them to recommend a safe chemical repellent to keep Fido off your grass. This type of product comes in powder, granules or spray form. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely use the product. You can also try your local pet stores or surf online for chemical dog repellents for sale. Some dog repellent products boast of being all-natural. Explore this safer option, too.
  • Utilize an electronic dog repellent. This is probably the most expensive option. Ultrasonic frequencies are delivered by this gadget that you can install on your fence and the side of the house close to the lawn. YardGard is an example of an electronic dog repellent. You can turn this on 24/7 or use the motion-activated feature. The ultrasonic sound waves can only be heard by dogs that find this sound extremely offensive.

As a homeowner, you can protect your perfectly manicured lawn and prize winning flower from pesky neighborhood dogs. There are natural products that you can apply on your lawn like cayenne pepper, vinegar, citrus juice and ammonia. Then there are the chemical dog repellents that come in different forms (powders, granules and sprays). Electronic dog repellents are also available if you are willing to spend for these. Each option has its pros and cons. If you can’t decide, then just put up a fence so you can keep the dogs off the grass 24/7. A white picket fence will add a certain charm to your home and keep Rover, Fido, Bruno, and Max from destroying your landscaped lawn.


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