How To Keep Pets from Staining Leather Furniture

Dealing with pet stains can be a very tricky problem, as they are notoriously difficult to remove. Pet stains on leather are among the most difficult of all. It must be treated as quickly as possible; another important aspect is preventing your pets from staining the leather in the first place. Here's how to keep pets from staining leather furniture:

  1. Spray furniture with a deterrent. A pet deterrent spray will keep pets from climbing all over your furniture. This spray gives off an odor that is nearly unnoticeable to humans, but strong enough to keep your pets away. Many pets hate citrus, making citrus sprays a very popular method for keeping cats off furniture. Before spraying your leather furniture, test any pet repellent spray in an inconspicuous location to be sure that it will not harm the leather. There are also other pet repellent methods, such as aluminum foil covering your furniture surfaces.
  2. Treat accidents quickly. Never let pet stains sit on the leather for longer than absolutely necessary. Stains can soak into the leather, making them difficult if not impossible to remove completely. A soaked-in pet stain can spread into the surrounding leather. Look for a product made for cleaning pet stains. Again, test it on the leather beforehand to make sure that you aren't making the problem worse by ruining the leather.
  3. Use a powder product. A powder designed to trap odors and stains is often your best method for removing a stain from leather. When keeping pets from staining leather furniture, it is essential to make sure that all of the stain has been removed. If traces remain, it may entice your pets to return to the same area, meaning that you could be cleaning stains off the same area of leather over and over again. Any remaining residue may also develop into a visible stain over time, even if you initially removed all visible traces of the stain.
  4. Teach pets "no." Pets will only understand "no" if said in a loud, firm voice while they are in the act. It does no good to punish your pet if you return home to find a stain on your brand new leather couch, because they will have no idea why they are being punished.

When it comes to pets, it is very difficult to avoid accidents entirely. When they do happen, especially on your leather furniture, it is important to clean them thoroughly as soon as they are noticed. Otherwise, the stain may set in, permanently staining leather furnishings. It is also essential that you teach your pets not to be on your furniture in the first place, either through pet deterrent products or through training.


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