How To Keep Your Cat's Litter Box Odor Free

Animal litter box

The odor of the cat’s litter box is often strong and irritating because of the urine in the litter box, which is very acidic and can be offensive to our delicate mucous membrane in the nose. The acrid smell of urine in the litter box is not just offensive to humans. It is also irritating to the cat's sensitive nose as well, but he cannot let you know.  Cats are very fastidious, as evidenced by their constant grooming, and they do not like a dirty or smelly litter box. Some cats will refuse to use a smelly litter box. It is important to keep your cat’s litter box odor free and clean at all times.

It is not difficult to keep your cat’s litter box odor free, but it takes patience and faithful attention.  To begin with, the litter that you are using should be one that the cat likes and will use. The easiest litter to keep your cat’s litter box odor free is the clumpable litter.  This litter will clump up when the cat urinates and the clumps can be easily removed and thrown out (do not flush them down the toilet). In order to keep your cat’s litter box odor free the clumped litter solidifies the urine and eliminates  some of the odor. When all of the clumps are removed, add new litter to the box together with about a half of a cup of baking soda. Mix it up using the little scoop you use to scoop the litter.   Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and can be used anywhere you need to get rid of odors in the house. There are other litter box odor removers on the market in the form of chemical sprays and powders and they are also irritating. The best is the baking soda because it is a natural odor remover and while trying to keep your cat’s litter box odor free you will be thinking green.

In order to keep your cat’s litter box odor free clean the litter box daily and change the litter in the box often. Even though you clean the litter box of all of the clumps faithfully, some urine will be left in the remaining litter. Odor is caused by bacteria and in spite of your faithful cleaning daily  your cat’s litter box still has an odor that tells you there is bacteria in the litter. The old litter should be thrown out, the litter box should be washed and new litter should be poured in. The kind of bacteria that invades the litter box can be harmful to your cat and you. By replacing the litter you are insured of having a healthier and happier cat.


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