How To Keep Your Dog Calm and Happy

It is important to be able to keep you dog calm and happy; dogs in general have high energy levels that may seem abnormal to humans. We have learned that when raising a dog, whether it's a pet, show dog, or a guard dog, we need to be able to subdue the dog with a verity of ways to keep a dog calm and happy.

Dogs come in many breeds, and your dog's breed will determine its particular needs. Most are happy when given praise; they enjoy a pat on the head and a stroke down the back.  Each dog has his own personality of what makes him or her calm and happy.   A dog has needs and wants like most animals, the need to play, to love; their owners have a keen knowing of what their dog might need to be happy and calm.

It is important for the environment of your dog’s space to be calming, for a dog will react to the environment around him.  So when the atmosphere is filled with love and peace, the dog will be happy and calm.  Music on a CD is a wonderful way to charge the air with calmness and serenity; your dog will reap the benefits and so will you.

Dogs are so full of energy, especially those of the ages of 2 months to three years; small dogs need at least a 15 -30 minute walk to not only burn energy, but also to settle their curiosity about all of the smells around them.  You can take a dog on the same path every day, yet they smell different things each time, because of different oils being spilled and other animals that cross the same paths.

A medium-sized dog needs a 45-minute walk and a large dog needs 1.5 hours of walking or physical attention to settle him to a calm state.  A foot deep pool of cool water would be icing on the cake on a hot summer day to bring joy to your dog after such an outing.  Most medium to large dogs have two coats on them, hair and fur, so they need a cool dip or shading spot to lay in when done with their walk or play time.

For small hyper dogs not only do they require exercise times, but most need to have boundaries set with time outs.  Hyper dogs, such as the Jack Russell, bounce of the walls most of their waking hours, especially when people come over.  A scheduled time out of sitting or lying in his cage or bed for a 15-minute rest will calm your dog down.

Keep your dog happy and calm with these suggestions: love, treats, and attention; praise and peaceful music, along with exercise, good diet, play time with swimming, and rest periods.  Your dog should be well balanced and happy and calm.


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