How To Kill Ticks on Dogs

Owning a dog is one of the biggest and simplest joys that you can achieve in life. However, having one can also mean owning the parasites that a dog has in his body. Even if you give your dog regular baths, there will come a point in time that man’s best friend is infested by ticks. With that, how do you get rid of the parasites properly? If you want to kill ticks, you have to do it the right way. Below are tips and procedures on how you can remove the infestation on your dog without harming him.

  • Shampoo. A dog shampoo keeps your dog clean, but when it comes to ticks hanging on the skin, a regular one just won’t do. You will need to use medicated shampoo that specializes in killing ticks and preventing it from coming back. You can browse for shampoos like this in Entirely Pets and purchase the product of your choice. Just a reminder, this type of product can only be used every once in a while as it contains chemicals that may be harmful if used in frequency.  You can also opt for herbal shampoos but those may not work as better as the medicated kind.
  • Sprays. Another option you can do is to spray your dog with a chemical that kills ticks. A product such as Frontline can do the job for you. This spray, when applied on the skin of your dog, kills ticks in a matter of hours.  To gain more information, you can go to the Frontline and browse at the list of products that are offered. There are also tips and information on how to apply the products. However, since the spray is also made from active chemicals, using it frequently on your dog can harm him. Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions properly.
  • Manual removal. As mentioned, you can’t just remove ticks from your dog easily without the possibility of spreading bacteria on him and on yourself. There is a right way to do it. Today, there are products that aid in removing ticks safely and effectively. One of those products is Ticked Off, a simple yet brilliant device that can remove ticks from your dog without leaving any residue or tick parts. You can visit the Ticked Off website and gather more information regarding the product and where you can purchase one.

In conclusion, tick removal is a job that needs to be done carefully. You can put your dog in harm’s way if you become stubborn and opt to remove the ticks with your hands. You can infect yourself with diseases and have the possibility of ticks multiplying even more by not doing things properly. However, if you believe that you cannot do the things mentioned on your own, you can always go to a professional for help. Veterinarians and dog groomers offer tick removal services for your convenience. It may cost you a small bundle, but at least you have the peace of mind that all ticks will be removed from your dog. Good luck!


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