How To Locate a Pet Monkey Breeder

One might say that having a monkey for a pet these days is somehow very medieval and that it is only for those with royal blood. This assumption may be due to the fact that monkeys are not domesticated animals and that caring for one requires a high degree of care and attention – dedication that those living luxuriously in palaces and kingdoms can absolutely give their pets. Nowadays, anyone can have a monkey for a pet as long as necessary papers have been secured properly and if you have found the breed you like.

Since regulations on monkey breeding and ownership differ from state to state, your initial efforts should be focused on getting ample details about such laws. You need not worry about it too much as such information can easily be gathered from your own state’s government site. You may be surprised to find out how helpful such information is when choosing the breed and how you take care of your new pet. Besides, the last thing you’ll want is to spend your time with your pet monkey behind bars, right?

Soliciting advice from monkey breeders, owners or veterinarians is always a fail-safe way to get good information about owning a pet monkey. You can also ask vets to help you out in finding monkey breeders through referrals or ad postings in veterinary clinics.

Monkey breeding is a rare-see in both local and national classified ads so it requires additional patience on your part if you’re serious about locating a good breeder. You also must be ready to drive out of town in case the nearest monkey breeder is in the next city or state. But don’t immediately rush in and drive towards the address you found. Call the facility first and ask pertinent questions regarding their exact location and nearby landmarks. Take this time to inquire about their facility’s means and measures in keeping the monkeys safe and clean.

Online is your best bet in finding the best monkey breeders. Monkey owners are very fortunate these days that finding helpful sites has become just a click away. One good site is The site hosts an avenue for pet buyers and sellers whether domestic or the exotic kind. You may also find its pet forums very useful to connect with other monkey aficionados. Another website that can help you is  This site boasts of its Ultimate Monkey Finders Guide that’s available for download onsite. This guide includes the most updated list of monkey owners, breeders, and sellers across the country plus useful articles about caring for your pet monkey (i.e. diet and nutrition, caging your monkey, potty training and even a guide to train it with fancy tricks). Don’t forget to check the site’s encyclopedia of various breeds of monkeys complete with pictures available on the site.

Shopping for pet monkeys is also made easier with the site This user-friendly site contains essential information about domesticating monkeys as well as ad postings of moneys for sale. The good thing about the site is that you don’t need to guess how much the monkeys are as the prices are already shown along the seller’s contact information.

Having a pet monkey is indeed a rewarding experience and it will very much be as long as you feed yourself all the right information on how to take care of these once-considered wild animals.


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