How To Locate an Underground Pet Fence

Installing an underground pet fence makes sense for a lot of families looking to keep their dog from escaping their yard. However, once you install the fence you may forget where it is. There is often no above-ground sign of where the fence is located. Finding it again can be tricky, though there are some hints that can help you locate it. Here's how to locate an underground pet fence:

  1. Turn on the fence. Before you try to find the underground pet fence, make sure it is turned on. Check the transmitter collar for a power light and a full circuit light. If the fence is not plugged in, do so now.
  2. Test the collar. Remove your pet's collar. Then, check that it is working. A tester should be included with the underground pet fence installation kit. Place it on the two prongs and look for a light. If the light is on, the collar is functioning. If it is not, replace the batteries. The collar must be working in order to locate an underground pet fence.
  3. Turn the range up. Make the signal stronger by turning up the transmitter's range. This will make it easier for you to follow the underground pet fence once you locate it. Otherwise, you'll need to be exactly on top of the line before it will start beeping.
  4. Look for the start of the fence line. Now, carry the collar away from the transmitter, following the start of the wires that were plugged into it. As you follow these wires, the collar should eventually start beeping. When it does, you've found the start of the underground fence line. Hold the collar carefully as you do this; you don't want to shock yourself when you run into the underground fence line.
  5. Mark the fence line. Walk in a straight line once you've found the fence line; if the collar stops beeping, you've probably found a corner or a turn. Continue following the line of the fence. Mark it with flags so that you'll be able to find it quickly next time.

When installing an underground pet fence, the location may make perfect sense to you. However, taking pictures or otherwise documenting its location can save you a lot of trouble in the future. This is especially helpful when moving into a new house. If the previous owners had an invisible pet fence, you may know that it's there - but you may not be able to locate it without the collar.


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