How To Locate Animal Control

You've probably experienced this before: howling cats fighting near your house in the middle of the night, wild skunks or raccoons rummaging through your garbage can, what about a dangerous crocodile on the loose? Well, whatever your problems are with regards to animals, you should know who you wanna call: yes, that's animal control.

Animal control is also known as animal services, and some of the services that it offers can overlap with those offered by humane shelters, animal emergency services and pet adoption programs. For example, animal control could also be in charge of giving licenses to pet owners, help in locating and sheltering lost and stray animals, and giving anti-rabies vaccine to pets. Its main duties would also include providing relief and response to animals during emergency situations, and the enforcement of all animal control laws.

If you're looking to locate animal control, know that it's usually under the county level of government. If you know the number of your county general offices, you could request to be connected to animal control. You could also find out their contact numbers through your county's websites. If you live in the Ann Arundel County, MD, for example, you could visit your county government webpage; if you live in the Maricopa County in AZ, you could click here;  and if you live in the San Diego County in CA, you could click here. In most of the county websites, you could find the address, contact numbers and directions to get to the assigned animal control office to your area.

Do know also that many animal control offices are closed on Sundays and Mondays. You should also know of the times that they are open: regular office hours, which is from 8am to 5pm, usually apply.

If you're looking for an alternative to government-run and funded animal control services, you can also opt to contact private animal control services instead. Though private animal control companies charge higher fees than government-run ones, you could contact them 24/7 plus they usually offer more personalized services. You could find out more about these types of companies from websites such as Animal Control Orlando, A All Animal Control and Humane Wildlife Control.

Apart from these private-run animal control companies, why not look up animal organizations such as  the Humane Society, PAWS, and PETA? If you contact them, they would likely give you contact information on some of the most reliable animal control services near you.

If you have a particular animal control service you need, such as pest control or urban wildlife control, why not contact the company that can provide the specific service that you need? Look up appropriate key words at your yellow pages; some online yellow pages that would help you out include Yellow Page City, Super Pages, and the Yahoo Yellow Pages. Look for listings at BBB-certified businesses at the official Better Business Bureau website.

Do be assured that whatever animal problem you're encountering, professional help is always at hand. It's a good idea to list down the appropriate contact numbers you'd need in case of an animal emergency, before this emergency actually happens. This would definitely spare you the pressure and hassles of having to find this information right when you need it. Good luck!


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