How To Make a Care Sheet for a Yorkie Puppy

A care sheet is an information sheet that is filled out by a dog breeder and the new owner of the puppy. It includes instructions on caring for the dog, as well as vital information on your dog and on the breed.  Whether you are the breeder or the new owner, you should understand the importance of the care sheet. Here's how to make a care sheet for a Yorkie puppy:

  1. Care instructions. One of the most valuable sections of the care sheet involves the care of your new puppy. The Yorkie has specific care instructions that the new owner must continue in order to help the puppy grow into a healthy and happy dog. Every breed has its own quirks, from grooming requirements to health concerns to temperament, and the new owner should be made aware of these before taking their new puppy home. The information contained in this section is usually about the Yorkie breed in general, though it can contain information specifically about the puppy's temperament or special needs. If you are the one responsible for making the care sheet, you should do so with knowledge about the Yorkie breed as well as the specific dog in question.
  2. Feeding instructions. The new owner should be aware of what the Yorkie puppy has been eating. It is not healthy to change your puppy's food abruptly, especially when the Yorkie puppy is first settling into his new home. If you do decide to deviate from the food that is noted on the care sheet for a Yorkie puppy, do it gradually by mixing the two together at first. The care sheet should also include information on when and how much to feed a Yorkie puppy.
  3. Vaccination dates. The breeder should include vaccination dates and veterinary information on the care sheet. If it is not already included, you as the new owner should ask about these dates.
  4. Breeder requirements. In some cases, though not always, a breeder will use the care sheet as an opportunity to outline their requirements for new owners. For example, one common clause requires you to return the puppy to the breeder if you are not longer able to care for him or her.

The information found on the care sheet for a Yorkie puppy includes parts that describe Yorkie puppies in general, as well as sections that describe your Yorkie puppy in particular. Having the proper information on the care sheet can ensure that your puppy is happy and healthy in his or her new home, and also provides a record of the puppy's health at the time of sale. Like all puppies, Yorkies require a lot of care, particularly in their first few months. A care sheet about a Yorkie puppy can make this time go much more smoothly.


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