How To Make a Dog Vomit Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Making a dog vomit certainly is not a pleasurable sight, but is sometimes necessary when your dog has gotten into something unsafe.  This can include eating a foreign object or something of a poisonous nature.

Know that although using hydrogen peroxide to make your dog vomit is safe, only do so if necessary.  Also, it is important to notify your veterinarian beforehand so that you are given the approval to do so.  If you cannot reach your veterinarian, you can call an emergency animal clinic for help.

The only time hydrogen peroxide should not be used to make your dog vomit is when something large or sharp has been swallowed.  Your dog will instead need to be seen by a veterinarian immediately, as trying to throw up a large or sharp object can make things worse.

  1. Once you have talked to your veterinarian or emergency clinic and have gotten the go-ahead, you will need to get your dog into a safe and secure place.  Ideally, placing your dog in a bathroom or kitchen is best, where the cleanup will be easier.  If possible, have someone help you so that they can help handle the dog if necessary.
  2. Next, you will want to portion out the hydrogen peroxide you are going to use to make your dog vomit.  If it is a small dog, use about one teaspoon full.  For a large dog, you can use up to two tablespoons. 
  3. Pour the hydrogen peroxide into a cup and then soak it up using a syringe.
  4. Have someone hold the dog while you inject the hydrogen peroxide into the dog’s mouth using the syringe. 
  5. Once swallowed, it will only be a matter of a few minutes before the dog vomits. 
  6. After the dog has vomited, look for the swallowed object.  If you cannot find it, you may have to repeat the process.
  7. Keep in mind, that some poisonous substances may not be not be seen in the dog’s vomit.  In this case, you will have to pay close attention to how the dog is acting.  Look for signs of tiredness and fatigue in your pet. 
  8. To be cautious, take note of your dog’s behavior for the next day or so to ensure that he or she has gotten everything out of his or her system.

Remember to always keep household hazards out of reach of animals.  Dogs are just as curious as young children and will often find the things that you forget about. 


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