How To Make a Hanging Bird Toy

You and your parrot are best friends. Why not make your own bird toys? This is an inexpensive way to bond with your beloved bird.

Material for bird toys can be easily acquired from dollar stores. Straws, yarn, tongue depressors, buttons, beads, glue and small mirrors can all be utilized in making your bird toys. Use all raw wood material for safety. If you insist on using painted wood it is best to bake the wood pieces in the stove on a medium temperature for a few minutes. This destroys any chemical dyes that might hurt your bird.

Any kind of yarn can be utilized when making your bird toys. However, hemp works the best. It is strong, and is usually un-dyed. If you can crochet or knit, it will be helpful in making your bird toys, but it is not a necessity. Any kind of knot-tying will do. The entire process consists of tying trinkets into yarn.

Begin making toys for your bird by making a hoop of yarn. This will be used in attaching the toy to your bird’s habitat. You can crochet or knit something, it does not matter how you do it, what you are doing is creating an armature, on which, you will hang items that catch your bird’s attention. It is best to start at the top and work down.

Well making a toy for your bird put beads on the yarn, and knot the yarn up. You can make a pattern with cut up plastic straws, or tongue depressors, get creative. Any non-toxic plastics or woods work well. Make sure to avoid using any poisonous plants when making your bird toy. Toys that are made of raw wood combat any biting or aggressive behavior.

When making toys for your bird, do not forget to involve your bird in the process. You can involve your bird in designing the toy. Let your bird pick out the next item that will be included in the toy. Then, tie it into the tuft of string and trinkets that you are making. This can be a fun experience for both of you.

Do not forget to use some glue when making your bird toy. Items that cannot be tied in can be glued onto other items, such as a small mirror can be glued onto a tongue depressor. Beads can be placed on anything.
Be creative!

The most important aspect of making a bird toy is to make something that catches your bird’s eye. Involve your bird in the process; this can be fun for the both of you. Toys are not only fun for your bird, but occupy your beloved pet well you are away. Toys also curb biting behaviors. Go make some toys with your bird.


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