How To Make a Homemade Dog Muzzle

Responsible dog owners know that their usually friendly pets cannot be in their best behavior all the time. Dogs can snap for no apparent reason at all so it is important to have a muzzle ready just in case. There are many scenarios where a muzzle might come handy such as when your dog does not do well with strangers visiting your house for the first time. Remember that dogs have tendencies to be territorial so if your dog suddenly jumps and barks at your visitor, chances are, this is your dog’s way to act this particular behavior out. Another situation that may require you to put a muzzle on your dog’s mouth is when he is scheduled for a vet check-up. Most dogs get terrified in veterinary clinics so if you bring yours in for examination, he may not respond to his doctor very well and may become agitated.

Do you own a dog that has close encounters with random people?  If so, then you might want to consider giving him his very own muzzle. Muzzles are great protective guards that you can tie around your dog’s mouth to prevent him from attacking and eventually hurting someone. If you don’t want to spend on them, don’t worry. You can actually make one for your canine friend. Read on to find out how.

Although it is highly recommended to use a pair of nylon stockings, you can still opt for a fabric that you prefer. Just keep in mind that it needs to be soft and flexible enough so as to not cause injury to your dog.

To make your homemade dog muzzle, start by taking your nylon stockings and folding a loop under to make two rings. By doing so, you can choose which side of the knot will you slide to tighten and which one to untie right away. Once decided, you can now pass the chosen side through the side you did not choose. If you choose the right side, for example, it means that you need to slide the right side through the left one and slowly pull to tighten uniformly.

Assuming the need for a muzzle arises, calmly walk up to your dog to calm him down. It is best not to scare it because the unnecessary stress might just be the final push for your dog to attack. Try petting it first and talk to him in a soothing voice. Gently slip the pair of nylon stockings over your pet’s mouth and snout.

After doing so, swiftly pull the muzzle to tighten it properly. Wrap the ends around your dog’s snout twice and then tie ends around its neck. Make sure that it is secure but not too secure that you risk hurting your pet in the process.

Pay attention to your muzzle-wearing dog. If his stressor is already gone and he has calmed down significantly, you can take its muzzle out by simply untying the knotted ends and setting him free.

And there you have it, a homemade muzzle made especially for your beloved dog!  You can give it around family and friends or if you want, you can stash one inside the car should you encounter a stray one that needs your help as well.


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