How To Make a Peace Lily and Betta Fish Tank

There are many debates on whether the Peace Lily and the Betta fish can be put together in a tank for decoration. Some say it’s possible, because the Betta fish is a low-maintenance fish that can survive breathing atmospheric air. Naysayers, meanwhile, insist that this setup lacks water filtration to make it suitable for a fish to live in.

If you want to find out for yourself if this arrangement is a good idea, below is a procedure on how to do this, while doing your best to keep the Betta fish healthy:

  • Buy the items that you need. You’ll need a betta fish, a peace lily, a large vase, a plastic lid or cup, pieces of decorative stones or glass beads, a knife or a pair of scissors, a small fish net, a water conditioner or a bottled water, and a ribbon to make a peace lily and beta fish tank. Male betta fishes are usually more colorful than females, so unless you spot a vibrant female fish in a pet shop, use a male fish for your tank. When buying a vase, see if you can find a large vase with a plastic lid in craft stores. If you can’t find one, purchase a vase with a neck wide enough to accommodate the peace lily’s stem. Then, acquire a plastic lid or cup that can cover the mouth of the vase.
  • Clean the items. Wash the vase and the stones or beads thoroughly with water, and set aside. Next, soak the roots of the peace lily for a few minutes in a basin of water to soften the dirt. Place the roots under running water, and gently remove the dirt with your fingers. Put the peace lily aside.
  • Place the stones. Put a layer of stones or beads on the bottom of the vase. If using colored beads, arrange it so that the colors form a harmonious design.
  • Add the water. Although you may choose to use bottled water in your tank, this is expensive in the long run because you need to change the water frequently. Putting water conditioner in tap water is more economical, as it is inexpensive and requires only a few drops.
  • Pour water to the vase until it is one inch below the vase’s neck. Make sure to create this allowance as this will serve as the breathing space of the betta fish. If you used tap water, put conditioner on the water, following the instructions in its box.
  • Prepare the peace lily. Create a hole in the middle of the plastic lid or cup. The lily should fit through the hole, but take care not to make the hole too large. Put the lily through the hole.
  • Add the betta fish. Gently scoop the betta fish from its container using a small fish net. Using a fish net allows you to capture the fish without also getting the water from its container.
  • Place the peace lily. Put the plastic lid with the peace lily on the vase. Put some stones or beads on the plastic lid to weight it down.
  • Tie the ribbon. Wrap a ribbon around the vase’s neck as a finishing touch.

Peace lilies are easy to care for, as they don’t need much water and sunlight. The same can’t be said, however, to the betta fish, due to the absence of a water filter in the vase. To keep your betta fish healthy, make sure to replace its water at least three times a week. Also, don’t forget to feed your betta fish with pellets, frozen brine shrimp, and frozen blood worms once every other day.

Good luck in finding out if this environment is good for a betta fish. If your fish shows signs of bad health, remove the fish immediately from the vase and put it in an aquarium or fish bowl.


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