How To Make a Simple Bird Feeder

If you want to give take care of the local birds, then making a feeder can surely be one of your options. If you choose to, you can make your own homemade bird feeder using these easy steps.

  1. Prepare the tools and materials that you will need. You can choose between a one gallon water jug and a plastic milk jug. You can use other similar jugs. You will need 2 foot metal wires, dowel rods, a cutter, and some house and concrete nails
  2. Clean the container first. You may contaminate the birdseed if you do not do this.
  3. Using the cutter, create two holes on the sides of the jug on the base. These two holes would be the opening where you will put the birdseed. The two holes must be on opposite sides, and must be about 3 to four inches in diameter. To help you in cutting holes, you may need to put the cutter’s blade into fire. After heating them up, the cutting of the thick plastic of the jug will now be easier. Just remember to be careful with the hot blade.
  4. Using the concrete nails, make two small opposite holes in the neck of the jug. These holes must be, again, exactly opposite to each other. If the plastic is too tough, you can heat them up also to facilitate in the making the holes. Do not make the holes too large because the bird seeds may come out of them. On the other hand, do not make them too small either. The size wherein the dowel rods can fit is the most appropriate size of the hole.
  5. Carefully insert the dowel rods. These dowel rods are where the birds will perch on. Insert it into the one hole and stick it through the other hole. The perching rod must stick out at a length of 2 inches.
  6. Use the house nails to create a small hole on the base of the jug. Heat them up and make two opposite holes on the sides of the jug near its base.
  7. Insert the metal wire into through the two holes. This wire will act as the anchor of the bird feeder. After inserting it, twist the wire upward and put them together. After this, twist them together to stabilize its position. You can now hang the bird feeder to a branch of a tree.
  8. Put the bird seeds in the feeder. Do not put too much seeds into the feeder. This will create too much weight and lessen the strength of the feeder as a whole. The wind and other types of disturbance might cause the feeder to shake and cause the seeds to spill.

A bird feeder can bring in more birds to your place and thus hasten the pollination process of plants nearby. Birds are effective carriers of pollens necessary for plants to continue in their reproduction process. Hence, they are of big help so it is certainly more of a respectful giving back if you serve them with delicious birdseed with your bird feeder.


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