How To Make Decorative Birdhouses

Birds love staying in a friendly sanctuary.  And if you wish to make your backyard or your home garden as a safe refuge for birds, all you have to do is to place some birdhouses.  If that happens, you are not only helping nature.  You are also bringing nature close to you and your beloved family.  Here are some pointers on how you can construct decorative birdhouses:

  • Know some of the basic stuff about birdhouses.  A birdhouse is preferably made out of wood, plastic, paper, or cardboard.  You should avoid using steel, aluminum, or metal.  They can readily turn cold or hot.  They can also easily rust.

    A birdhouse has roofs.  The roofs should overhang by at least 3”.  Understand that birds enjoy peeking out.  The overhang allows them to comfortably peek while inside the birdhouse.

    A birdhouse should also have a hole.  The hole should have a diameter of at least 3”.  You can make the hole larger but that can invite house-hunting birds.  So, decide wisely.

  • Learn some of the techniques on how you can construct birdhouses.  Begin by sourcing your wood material.  You need at least 6 pieces.  Four of them should have similar height.  One of those four should bear a 3” hole so you can readily account for the door.  Don’t worry about the width of your wood pieces.  Birds are not really bothered by imperfect squares.  You can just nail four wood pieces with similar height.  The remaining two wood pieces are going to serve as roofing and flooring.
  • Try out some decorating suggestions.  You have a number of options here.  You can start by using some silk flowers and plants.  You can staple or glue them around your birdhouse.  Second, you can brighten it up by using some paint.  You can choose any paint color that you desire.  You may even form some patterns in combining your preferred paint colors.  You can also source some templates or stencils of butterflies, hummingbirds, flowering vines, or any other design that fits your birdhouse.

    Make sure to apply an exterior sealer so you can properly protect your masterpiece.  Third, you can add some beads and buttons.  Simply glue them.  Fourth, you can form a mosaic of some sort.  You can have it right on the door or on the roof.  You can put together some porcelain tiles or some broken ceramics.  It is practical to use just the smaller pieces.  You can use waterproof adhesive for better and sturdier results.

    It is also important to keep the pieces closer to one another.  And finally, you can prep it up with some seashells or some sea glass pieces, especially if you intend to create a beach-themed version.

It is fun if you can involve your kids in decorating the birdhouse.  They can help you in creating and finishing your desired look.  They can also share some creative suggestions along the way.  By the way, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money in sprucing up a birdhouse.  Recycle or reuse as much as you can.


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