How To Make Deodorant Powder for Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend. Pet owners love their dogs and take measures to ensure that the pets are well taken care of. Hygiene is one of the important factors that owners would like to cover. Pet owners make it a point to make sure that the pets are kept clean all the time so they remain to be healthy and ever cuddly whenever we play with them. Despite the number of soaps and shampoos out there in the market, one of the persistent problems with dogs is the odor that is the result of oil and dirt building up and saturating the dog’s fur.

Preparation. This project requires simple gathering of ingredients and items, which can be easily found in the house such as baking soda. It is important to have these things prepared in one corner eliminating the need to move from one room to another in search of the other materials to be used in the project.

Get started. Do this by getting a hold of the lavender and baking soda. Use to sifter to combine the two ingredients into a mixing bowl. Once this is done, make the necessary preparations to apply this to the pet. Apply a teaspoon of the mixture at a time to your pet’s coat. Make sure that you work the mixture through the dog’s coat skin. This makes sure that you effectively deodorize your pet. The baking soda works in soaking up and absorbing the odors and oils that have saturated your dog’s fur while lavender leaves out that pleasant scent without having to attract pests or bugs. Leave on this mixture for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

Quick tip: It is best to do this in the backyard instead of inside the house so there will be no problems in cleaning off the baking soda.

Store away excess. Use any recycled jar to keep away excessive baking soda mixture that hasn’t been used up. This will be good to use for yet another cleaning session.

Groom the dog. Grooming your dog means brushing off the mixture from its coat. You will notice that the baking soda is relatively easy to brush from the dog’s fur after your application. Grooming can also be considered as a good bonding moment for both master and pet. This can prove to be a fun cleaning activity after all!

Clean further. Grab the wipes and run it over the dog’s fur so that the remaining mixture of baking soda and lavender on its coat will be removed. Take extra care in making sure in avoiding the dog’s face and eyes as this is done. Take note as well how some dogs can be extra sensitive. If the dog has skin that is sensitive, it is best to do away with the wipes and dampen a clean towel or cloth instead for wiping off the excessive mixture.

Repeat the process. It is suggested that this activity be done at least once a month. This ensures that your dog is kept tidy and clean smelling all the time.

Keeping pets clean, tidy, healthy and good-smelling does not require much, if you know how to make your own dog deodorant powder.


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