How To Make Lactose Free Dog Food

A dog is man’s best friend. Many have dogs for pets, proving people’s love for this canine creature. Dogs are treated as part of the family and are well taken care of. Part of the responsibilities of a pet owner is to groom, play and feed the dog properly. Feeding dogs is a sensitive issue. A number of people overlook this, thinking that dogs can be given just about anything that humans are having. This happens due to the affinity and closeness man shares with his furry friend. Take into consideration though, that there are a number of foods which should be avoided by dogs. Part of this notable list includes milk.

Get the facts straight. Dogs, unlike humans are more sensitive when it comes to their diets. This means that they are prone to allergic reactions and therefore, extra care and caution should be done when feeding them. Dogs are lactose intolerant. What this means is that their bodies do not have the sufficient enzymes which allow their digestive systems to be able to break the complex sugar that is found in milk. When taken in, milk will accumulate in the dog’s tract because it cannot be digested causing the diarrhea and vomiting; this is why dogs should be given food that is lactose or dairy free.

Prepare treats that are lactose free. Your dog still deserves treats despite the fact that they are lactose intolerant. What this simply means for you as a loving pet owner is to make sure that the dog goodies that you prepare are dairy free. Two treats are shared below which you can make for your dogs. Both still contain milk as an ingredient but these are substitute milk which means that they are lactose free.

Dog Cookies. This recipe is simple. Mix a cup of oatmeal with two cups of flour. Put this in a bowl and add two eggs that are beaten and three fourths cup of lactose free powdered milk. Mix the ingredients together and add two jars of baby food. Select the flavor that your dog enjoys. Continue mixing the ingredients until it becomes sticky. Once the ingredients have blended well, get a non-stick pan and spray it with PAM. Use a tablespoon to drop the mixture on the pan and allow this to bake for fifteen minutes under 350 degrees heat in the oven. Sore in a Ziploc and allow your dog to enjoy.

Doggie Cake. This is another simple recipe for your dog to enjoy during celebrations. Empty a can of dog food in the blender put in a cup of dry dog food and half a cup of lactose free milk. Mix everything together until they are well blended and put in a cake pan. Bake this in a 350 degree pre-heated oven for about five minutes. Check to see that the top is brown and crispy. Serve to your dog just as you would a cake.

Preparing doggie treats and meals for your dog is a good way of showing that you love and care for them. Check out the internet for other alternative recipes which you can prepare for your dog in replacement of milk. Preparing lactose free foods will definitely ensure that your dog is kept healthy and away from illnesses caused by intolerance to milk.


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