How To Make Money as a Young Teen

Tips and Ideas on How to Make Money When You Can't Get a Job

When you are young and can't get a job at a store or restaurant such as McDonald's, it can be hard to make money. As tough as it is to make a dent in the moneymaking world, there are other things you can do to pull in the cash.

  1. Get an idea. If you have an idea and you are certain it will be a great thing to start, do it. You can always change your idea.
  2. Spread the word. Advertise around the area you live in. Say you are starting a business shoveling driveways. Make fliers and pass them around. Post advertisements at a local grocery store. Getting the word out will get you started.
  3. Working with the customer. When you have a customer, be sure the customer loves the work that you do for him. You don't want to shovel a driveway and leave a big pile of snow on the sidewalk. Be sure to do everything you are getting paid for.
  4. Pricing. You don't want to overprice your service. On the other hand, you don't want to underprice. Say you cut lawns for $5.00 per lawn. First of all, $5.00 is not much at all. Second, the size of the lawn should make a difference in the price that you charge. Set prices according to the size of the lawn and make sure your prices are reasonable.
  5. Profits. This is one of the most important things you will need to know when managing a business. Obviously, businesses are made to make money. If you don't make a profit, there is no point to the business. Make sure the cost to do the service is covered in the price set for the customer. For example, gas is something you need for cutting lawns. The mowers need gasoline and the car to transport you and the lawnmower needs gas, too. You use the gas while doing the service (which costs you). Make sure you cover the costs that are incurred in your work in the prices that you charge.

I run a business where I watch cats. I charge $10 per day, which is great for me and cheap for the customers. Normal boarding for cats and dogs can be up to $20 per day. The customer saves money and their pets are nice and comfortable in their own homes. The only cost to me is gas, which I include in the price that I charge.


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