How To Make Nutritious Homemade Dog Food

15 Days Worth of Homemade Nutritious Dog Food in 1 Hour!

When you make the food that fuels your pup, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals, preservatives or dangerous by-products. You will not have to worry about a recall on the natural food products that you create in your kitchen. Just follow the six simple steps listed below and your furry friends will thank you for loving them enough to ensure their food is safe.

Step 1

Cook 7 cups of brown rice on the stovetop.

  • Because the rice can take up to 45 minutes to cook, cook 3 pounds of ground turkey meat while you are waiting. (Preferably the ground turkey should be a mixture of white and dark meat.)
  • At this time, also cook 3 sweet potatoes.

Step 2

Cut up 32 ounces of carrots and 16 ounces of fresh raw green beans into small bite size pieces.

Step 3

In a large mixing bowl, mix all of the cooked ingredients with the raw vegetables. You can mix these ingredients by hand or use a kitchen mixer.

Step 4

Add 4 cans of salt-free peas and 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese to the mixture. The peas will add moisture to the recipe and the cottage cheese will bring a dose of much-needed calcium.

Step 5

Once food is mixed well by hand, separate it into 3 equal servings. These 3 equal servings will last for 5 days each.

Step 6

Store 2 of the servings in freezer-safe containers for later use. Refrigerate the remaining serving for immediate use.

You have just created 15 days worth of homemade nutritious dog food! Each 5-day serving will be enough to feed your pup one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. This dog food is all-natural and can be made organic by using all organic ingredients. There are no preservatives in this healthy meal and because of the natural ingredients, there is very little fat. Because you know your dog best, you might want to add or substitute your own ingredients to this easy recipe. These homemade meals are sure to keep your dogs lean, healthy and hungry for more!

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