How To Make Your Aquarium Look like a Ruined Volcano Zone

Before you start, you first need an aquarium probably 60"L x 18W" x 24"H in size, artificial sand (the Tahitian Moon Sand, Aragonite Sand or the simple play sand will work), a couple of aquarium ornaments (artificial plants, aquarium rocks and caves) and aquarium ruins ornaments. You will also need a volcano kit, a Hydor Pico Aquarium Filter and at least eight tropical fish, such as guppies.

  1. Fill your aquarium. Put water in the aquarium and then add the sand. Wait a couple of minutes until the sand settles down before moving to the next step.
  2. Add the ornaments. Add the volcano air pump with light in the middle of the aquarium to give it a magical, wavy touch. Add the ruins ornaments beside the volcano. Place the rock, cave and plant ornaments to make it look as if there was a volcano flow in there.
  3. Add the Hydor Pico Aquarium Filter. Do this so that it will clean the tank and get rid of dirt.
  4. Put the fish in the tank. At the end, put the fish in the aquarium, turn off the lights and enjoy!


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