How To Make Your Dog's Coat Shine

The Do's & Don'ts of Basic Dog Grooming

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Beautiful hair: We want it for ourselves and for our pets. A gorgeous dog coat means that the dog has healthy skin. It does not mean, however, that the dog’s owner has spent tons of time keeping the coat beautiful. You do not have to be a professional groomer to get your pup to shine; there are things you can do at home. With a few tips, you will be on your way to shaping your pooch’s glistening mane.

The first thing to understand is what makes a dog’s coat shiny. It’s not because he’s rubbed down with hair products or taken to the groomer on a weekly basis. A shiny coat means that the dog is healthy. So instead of focusing on your dog’s coat, focus on your dog’s health. Focusing on his health has added benefits, including the prolonging of his life.

Step 1

Feed them good quality dog food. What your dog eats can affect his health. Your dog’s food should have a good amount of protein, while balanced with vitamins and minerals. To find out what food is best for your pooch, talk to your veterinarian. He or she can suggest exactly what type of dog food you need to keep up the health of your pup. Buying the cheapest food at the grocery store is not a good idea.

Step 2

Make sure they receive vitamins. Omega 3 fatty acids can help make your pet’s coat shiny. You can find supplements at your local pet store, or you can add food to your pet’s diet at home. Raw eggs are a good source of the fatty acids, but be careful feeding your pet raw food, as it can often carry salmonella.

Step 3

Water, water, water! Your dog will not achieve a shiny coat if he does not have healthy skin; water is essential for a healthy pooch. Make sure that your dog has access to clean water anytime he wants it. Whether you keep your pet inside or outside, consider setting out multiple water bowls. If one gets knocked over or he drinks it all, then he still has access to another water source. Clean out his water bowl frequently to prevent bacteria growth, and make sure to fill his bowl with fresh water multiple times a day.

Step 4

Exercise is one of the most important things your dog needs. Exercise gets oxygen pumping through the blood. Oxygen contributes to healthy skin. Exercise will also keep your pooch happier. He will look forward to the time spent walking or running or playing with you, and he will be a healthier pooch in return.

Step 5

Brush periodically. You would not believe how much daily brushing can affect your dog’s physical and mental well-being. Brushing can often take the place of a bath. It also gets rid of unwanted hair that is caught in the coat. Once the extra, dead hair is done, then your dog’s coat will get shinier. Brushing does not strip your dog’s skin of his natural oils, so it’s a great alternative to washing.

Step 6

Routinely bathe. However, bathing your dog too frequently will actually cause damage to their coat. It will strip the oil from his skin, leaving his skin itchy and his hair brittle. Typically, a dog should not be bathed more than twice a month, but this depends upon the breed. If the breed requires frequent grooming, then he may take more than two baths each month. If you do bathe your dog regularly, then invest in a quality shampoo. A good shampoo will not strip his hair. Instead, it will condition it. There are also pet shampoos that can add shine to his coat.

Step 7

Do not expect your pet’s coat to become shiny overnight! You can help your dog along by making sure that he is healthy. A healthy dog has healthy skin, which leads to a shiny coat. He needs to be eating quality food, along with plenty of water. Exercise is also important to his health. Don’t bathe your dog often. Instead, brush his hair daily to get rid of the extra fur and dirt. With a little patience, his coat will be shimmering!

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