How To Make Your Own Organic Dog Food

For pet owners, dogs are more than just animals. Dogs make for wonderfully loyal pets that can be useful around the house and very entertaining. To care for your pet dog, you need to provide healthy food for the dogs. There are commercially available dog foods, but plenty of consumers are less than happy with the chemicals that are found in these dog foods. Here’s how you can make your own organic dog food that will make for a healthy and happy pet.

  1. Meat. There are plenty of meat products that dogs can appreciate. When choosing meat, make sure that the meats are fresh. The meat has plenty of protein which dogs need to be strong and healthy. Many butcher shops will have leftovers that you can buy for a very cheap price, and turn into dog food. Apart from the usual lean beefs and meat cuts, you can also purchase hearts, liver, and butts. The dogs will appreciate these, and these are usually less expensive. You can purchase these in bulk and then refrigerate them to save up on money. The meat can also be ground or chopped into small bite sizes.
  2. Vegetables. Dogs will also appreciate vegetables added to their diet. Not only will the vegetables add variety, but these are also very rich in minerals and vitamins. Depending on the vegetable that you add, you can also increase the amount of fibers in the dog’s diet. Fibers such those found in wheat and grains help to remove the toxins that accumulate in the dog’s digestive tract. This is especially important since a large number of dogs die because of cancer, which is caused by toxin build up in the body. Among the vegetables that you can add are cucumber, carrots, parsnips, pumpkin, yams, broccoli, and other solid vegetables. Avoid garlic, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes, as well as beans and greens like spinach.
  3. Serve raw. Cut these ingredients into small bite sizes and combine together in a small bowl. The dogs will enjoy the meal raw, as long as the meats have been thawed enough to make them easy to chew.
  4. Cooked dog food. You can, however, cook the dog food as well. To cook dog food, you should broil the meats or sauté it very lightly. Keep in mind that plenty of nutrients will disintegrate in very high heat. Because of this, it is best if you will cook the food only very lightly. When cooking dog food, the primary reason is to remove the microbes that are in the food. For vegetables, steam these lightly for a few minutes. Once all the food is cooked, chop these as usual and then combine in a dish.

Through these easy ways, you can create your own dog food that is guaranteed to be fresh, healthy, and free from the harsh chemicals and preservatives that are commonly used in commercially manufactured dog food. Even better, these are even cheaper than dog food purchased in the grocery store.


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