How To Naturally Treat Walking Dandruff in Pets

Walking dandruff is contagious both in animals and humans. Treating your pets suffering from walking dandruff should be done as early as possible. Bringing your pet to the veterinarian is a wise move. But there are times that the vet is not available or sometimes, people are fond of using other alternatives for treating the walking dandruff before consulting an expert.

Whatever your reason is, trying to treat the walking dandruff on your pet by natural ways can just be the perfect choice. Here are some natural treatments you can try for your pet:

  • Oatmeal shampoo. Scrape the walking dandruff using a scraper or any similar thing before washing the dandruff off with oatmeal shampoo. The oatmeal shampoo is helpful in killing the mites but it will be more effective if you use sulfur solution with it. You can also use aloe shampoo as an alternative.
  • Colloidal silver-coconut oil mixture. The colloidal silver and the coconut oil are helpful in killing the mites causing the walking dandruff. Colloidal silver can penetrate the mites’ shell. Once penetrated, the shells dry up and the mites eventually die. The coconut oil helps the colloidal silver penetrate into the skin since the oil resembles the natural oil on the skin, which is easily absorbed.

To make this mixture, combine about 2 oz of coconut oil, preferably virgin, with about 2 ml colloidal silver. Mix the two ingredients well in a bottle before applying it all over the pet’s body. Leave the oil that way for at least two hours before rinsing it off with shampoo.

  • Olive oil. Some pet owners include olive oil to their pets’ food. Taking some olive oil everyday is said to help keep the balance of the pet’s body and treat any impurities outside, including walking dandruff.

The natural treatments for walking dandruff mentioned above work for most pets. But if your pet won’t show any positive results after using any of these, then try any of the following home remedies:

  • Helleborus and symphytum. These are oral treatments you can administer to your pet.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo. Instead of the usual pet shampoo, try to shampoo your pet using anti-dandruff shampoo that humans use. Popular anti-dandruff shampoos are also known to work on walking dandruff. This is a very simple home remedy that it is surely worth a try.
  • Hydrogen peroxide-borax treatment. Combine 1:3 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to borax. Mix these ingredients with at least two parts water. Put the mixture in a bucket and let your pet stay in it for about half an hour. The mixture will already kill the mites causing walking dandruff.

Be patient when trying to treat your pet’s walking dandruff. Some owners spent months trying to cure this dandruff before it’s finally gone. Bear with it and you’ll see, your pet will be walking-dandruff-free again.

Remember that once you notice walking dandruff on the pet, isolate that pet immediately. Check other pets if they have walking dandruff, too. Clean the affected pets’ things to make sure the dandruff will not spread.

By following all these, you can say goodbye to walking dandruff for good.


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