How To Organize a Dog Day Fundraiser

As man’s best friends, dogs are becoming more and more involved in various activities that most people do. They can be very helpful in searching for ways to raise funds, promote advertisements, and so much more. If you are planning to organize an event, dogs can be a good option to help you raise funds while you enjoy a great time with your favorite pets. Hence, organizing a dog day fundraiser is an interesting idea for a dog day event. If you don’t know how it’s done, take the steps below for certain considerations and helpful tips in organizing a dog day fundraiser.

  1. Determine the type of event you want to host. There can be a lot of choices including pet grooming, dog fashion show, doggie parade, and dog wash. Choose one that you think would work well in the community. You might need to team up with the local dog park, doggy day care, and other institutions chiefly concerned with pet dogs. They can provide you with the necessary tools and equipment needed to manage the type of event that you will be organizing. Conversely, promotions for these institutions become relatively high because of advertisements; thus, they are more likely to participate in your event.
  2. Look for a good location for the event. It must depend on the type of event. If you choose to organize a doggie parade, you might need to ask for an activity permit in the city hall or with the department responsible for such activities.
  3. Decide on a perfect date for the event. You must consider the availability of most dog owners in your community. It is important to obtain a big number of participants in order to gain more profit and a merrier event.
  4. Contact friends and family members who would want to volunteer during the event. Some can serve as posts for specific games while others can attend to other stalls like dog bakery and refreshments.
  5. Promote the dog day fundraiser event through advertisements on the newspaper. You can also advertise through local radio stations where the event will be held. Posting ads on your websites can also help the promotions.
  6. Raise money in different ways. You can ask groomers to provide bathing and cut where a percentage is given to your fundraiser. You can make stalls as your dog bakery with homemade dog treats to sell to participants. Another stall of tasty treats for participants is also a good idea. Doggy door prizes can put much excitement to participating individuals. Like birthdays, you can give wag bags or special tokens to guests.
  7. Create games that would let the crowd participate. One good idea is the search for the cutest dog or well-groomed dog. You will let the dog and its owner stand in front of the stage and let non-participants vote for their cutest dog. You may need to prepare tickets that will be worth $1 or $5. Entry fee might be needed as well so inform the public ahead of time.

After organizing your dog day fundraiser, check on the strengths and weaknesses of the event. Consider them in case you want to host another dog day event.


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