How To Outfit a Doggy Daycare

Operating a doggy daycare center is a booming home-based business. Almost every other American household owns a dog, and providing a safe haven for their pet whenever they leave the house makes them look for places where they can be assured that their pet can get some pampering while their owners are away.

A doggy daycare is just like a daycare center for little children. The operators will have trained staff to care for, groom, feed and play with the dogs enrolled in their center. If you want to try your hand at this lucrative home business, here are the steps to outfit a doggy daycare center.

  1. Select a good area to put up the doggy daycare center. You need a large open space to provide dogs with lots of room to run and play and get good exercise and an indoor facility for shelter and rest. If you have a large backyard, it will be ideal because your center is right in your home premises and you do not have to pay extra for rent.
  2. Check your local restrictions and ordinances, and state laws regarding the operation of a doggy daycare, particularly if you want to operate the business at home. Find out the requirements you need to get a license and the fees that you need to pay. Find also if there are certain qualifications that need to be fulfilled by the hired staff that will be directly working with the dogs.
  3. Look into what type of insurance you need to get for yourself, your business facility and your staff.
  4. Shop for playtime equipment suited for the dogs such as ramps and hurdles, balls, chew toys, pools, Frisbees, tunnels, leashes. You also need to provide mats, blankets, baskets, dog couches and probably a television in an indoor area where the dogs can rest and take naps.
  5. If you are going to provide dog grooming services, you need to allocate an area in your facility just for that. It should have a large sink or tub and connected to hot and cold water. You should get an assorted of dog shampoos, soap, grooming kits, hair drier, and toe clippers and an assortment of towels.
  6. You need to stock on disinfectants, waste management and cleaning equipment to keep your facility clean and sanitary at all times. Keep a first aid kit handy for emergency for both the staff and the dogs.
  7. Contact a local vet who can be ready on call for emergencies and consultations.
  8. If you are not going to provide dog grooming, pampering and training, consider partnering with other establishments that offer these services. This will give you reciprocal marketing and increase your client base.
  9. Allocate an area in your facility for sales. Paint it in bright colors and add doggie decorations to attract customers. This is where the major bulk of income actually comes from. Sell flea collars, leashes, home grooming aids, dog food, bowls, trinkets and dog wardrobe. Do some cross selling for your subcontractors and partner establishments.

Providing a safe and happy environment for dogs in your doggie day care will ensure a steady income for you. Ensure that your doggie daycare has the right equipment, tools, trained staff and professional help on standby to make your clients comfortable and at ease while leaving their beloved dog under your care.


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