How To Prevent Dogs from Urinating on Your Lawn

Dogs are fun and are a good way to relieve stress, but having brown spots on your lawn makes it an eye sore more than giving you a relaxed outlook. The culprit is the nitrogen content in your dog's urine. More often, dogs urinate on the same spot all the time, enhancing the brown effect on your grass. Here are some tips to successfully prevent your furry friends from urinating on your lawn:

  1. The simplest solution to prevent your dogs from urinating on your lawn or grass is to put a fence around it. It would be secured but sometimes you get annoyed with the fences because it can be an eye sore for your lawn. Get the kind of fence that is not too high, just enough such that your dogs cannot pass or jump over it. If you want your fence to look cohesive with your lawn or your house motif, use colors that would compliment your house and your lawn. Do not get a fence that looks like wires because it does not only give your lawn a "prison" look, but it may actually harm your dogs as well. Wood fences are the best for this as you can customize the colors of paint you can color the short fences.
  2. If you do not want to limit your dog within your lawn, an alternative way to prevent your lawn from getting destroyed is to not use fertilizer on the spots that your dog loves to urinate on. A dog's urine contains the ample amount of fertilizer that your grass may need. A dog's urine seeps into the ground so it can also serve as a fertilizer. If you cannot really prevent your dog from urinating in your yard, then make the most of it. Follow your dog on the lawn and when he does his "business," hose the urine down with water. This will dilute the nitrogen and it will spread evenly on your lawn. The urine concentration is usually the culprit. Diluting it with water is a possible solution.
  3. Another way to prevent your dogs from urinating on your lawn is to install motion detected sprinklers. Dogs naturally repel water so when they stepped on the lawn, they will ran away from the water your automated sprinklers will spew on them. This is a good way to keep them from urinating on your lawn and at the same time, a humane way of dealing with your canine friends.
  4. You can do home remedy solutions that you can sprinkle on your lawn to prevent your dogs from urinating on it. Mix some cayenne pepper and black pepper and sprinkle a small amount of it on your yard. The pepper will disrupt your dogs' smell and will stop them from marking their territory on your grass. Another simple solution is to mix vinegar with water and put it on a sprayer bottle. You can spray this solution at the perimeter of your lawn to prevent your dogs from coming in the area. Vinegar, like pepper, will disrupt your dog's sense of smell and the lawn will attract them.

Be sure that your dog is still comfortable and treated humanely when you prevent him from urinating on your lawn. The last thing you would want your canine friend to feel is being limited in his freedom. You can win both ways by doing these preventive measures. You and your dog will both be happy.


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