How To Prevent Your Dog From Marking His Territory

Three Ways to Make Sure Your House Stays 'Pee Free'

Having a dog that marks in the house is a real hassle. Not only is it annoying and embarrassing, but it is also a symptom of deeper communication problems between owner and dog. Fixing a dog that marks in the house is a very simple concept to understand. The application, however, can be a bit difficult. Use the following steps as a guideline and you will be able to fix a marking dog in no time.

  1. Supervise your dog like a hawk. Dogs are creatures of habit. That means that if your dog gets in the habit of marking your home, it becomes that much more difficult to fix. The best thing to do is supervise your dog so that the dog doesn't even get the chance to mark in the house.

    One of the best ways to do this is to keep your dog on a leash while you are in the house. No, this isn't a forever thing. But during the training period, it is important that your dog isn't allowed the freedom to sneak away and mark your sofa. So keep him close and on leash and you will be in a good position to supervise his behavior. If you can't watch him, make sure he is in a crate.

  2. Correct the dog when he misbehaves. Even though you are watching and supervising your dog, there is a good chance that he will try to lift his leg and mark his territory. If you have him on a leash as recommended above, it puts you in a position to communicate that this behavior is wrong. As he lifts his leg, simply give a few firm tugs on the leash as you tell him 'no'. Immediately take him outside and allow him to do his business. When he pees outside, give him plenty of praise.
  3. Obedience train your dog. Marking is a very dominant dog behavior. It is your dog's way of showing everyone around that he is the 'top dog'. The best way to curb dominant behavior is through obedience training. A dog going through obedience training learns to put the desires of his owners ahead of his own. As he learns to happily submit, he becomes less dominant and often the marking goes away as well.

In order to get your dog to stop marking in your home, you must follow these principles and be consistent. You will soon find that your dog loses his marking habit.

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