How To Raise Peacocks

Although pea fowls are originally from Asia, raising peacocks has grown in popularity even in the country because of the beautiful plumage that the male peacock has. Peacock feathers are not only very beautiful, but are also said to bring good luck to the home. Here’s how you can raise your own peacock.

Peachicks. Purchase your peachick from a reputable dealer. As much as possible, choose peachicks from breeders who only breed healthy and friendly birds. Seem pet shops will carry peacocks, but the peacocks are usually more expensive in pet shops. During the first ten months, the peachick should be left inside a pen that is protected from excessive heat and excessive cold. The peachicks are very sensitive at this point and can get frost bite or can die from too much cold. Make sure that the bottom of the pen is softened with straw and natural bedding.

Space. Next, make sure that you leave enough for the peacock to roam around in. Like other fowls, the peacock enjoys grazing and pecking the ground for small worms and other edible items. Because of this, peacocks are best raised in the countryside where they usually have enough space to explore and roam around in.

Perch. Like many other birds, the peacock has feet that are designed for perching. Give your peacock several strong branches that are attached carefully onto the side of the pen. This will give the peacock a place to perch in when it wants to take a break from roaming around. The perch should have enough room in it for the peacock to spread its tail. Keep in mind that a full grown peacock can have a tail that is several feet in size, which is why the perch should be at the center of a 12 foot space that will give the bird enough room to display its tail.

Pens. As the peachick grows older, you need to provide it with a larger pen with enough space for the bird. The pen should be cleaned at least once a week for bird droppings. At least once a month, replace the straw and the beddings in the pen.

Food. Peacocks are not picky when it comes to food. They can be fed fruits and vegetables as well as grains. There are some fowl mixes that you can purchase from pet shops. Be sure to spice up your pet bird’s diet by adding in fresh foods to the fowl mixes. Keep in mind that peacocks like things which are lightly colored, such as wheat and corn.

Quiet. Peacocks have only been domesticated recently. As such, they are still very sensitive when it comes to excessive noise. Be sure to keep your bird in a quiet place where the peacock can relax. The bird will become stressed in the presence of loud music or in neighborhoods where there are plenty of traffic noises or even dog barking.

If you want to keep a peacock as a pet, keep in mind that the peacock will only begin to grow his feather after three years. In a peaceful environment, however, the peacock should display his feathers willingly. Adding a peahen will also stimulate the peacock to spread his tail in order to win the peahen over.


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