How To Reduce Dog Dander

There are pet lovers out there who just cannot own one because of some health issues. Our pets that have fur or long hair may aggravate some simple asthma. Dog dander is a common problem for dog owners cause it causes lung problems for those who inhale it. Here are some simple but wise steps to reduce the dog dander of your pet.

  1. Give your dog a regular bath. Nothing beats cleanliness in everything to secure a healthy living. This applies even to our pets. To reduce dog dander that causes some health issues to us humans, the best remedy remains to be cleanliness. Keep your dogs well bathed. Be sure that they are not just well bathed at some time. It should be all the time. Giving your dogs a regular baths will wash away fallen hairs and dander, and will keep its skin healthy. It will also be helpful if you will use dog shampoo suitable for your pets.
  2. Give your dog a regular brushing activity. Bathing is one thing that can reduce dog dander. Another is through giving your dog a regular brushing activity. Keep its hair well brushed. Remember to do the brushing outside the house. The reason exactly is to prevent those hairs from falling inside your house, as well as other small particles that are airborne. Brushing will throw away those hair and dirt in the coat of your dog that also causes dander.
  3. Provide a good diet for your dog. If you can notice, the one causing the dog dander to fall is your dog’s frequent shaking and scratching. Preventing or lessening the scratching of your dog will prevent the fall of dander. Dog scratching may be attributed to the diet you your pet. Control its diet so as to lessen the scratching. Adding oil to their meal helps. But it would be best if you will consult your veterinarian to help you map out the right diet for your dog.
  4. Go for a regular visit to the vets. Give your dog a regular tour to your vet to assure that your pet is healthy. The vet can also assure and check whether the skin and coating of the dog is in well shape or not.
  5. Regularly clean your house as well, and if necessary, do an extra cleaning. It is already a given that you are regularly cleaning your house. But you may need to do a little extra cleaning especially vacuuming your floors. Dog dander falls from your dog. Once it has fallen, the dander will go airborne. Giving your house an extra cleaning will assure that whatever has fallen from your dog will be vacuumed and cleaned.
  6. Use air purifier. Dog dander is airborne. This means that it becomes detrimental only when it has been inhaled. To lessen the chances of inhaling the dog dander by any members of the households, it will be best to use air purifier. This will filter the air not only of dog dander, but of other small particles as well that are present in the air. No need to worry of the additional expenses that you may incur because of this facility because there are air purifier that runs economically all time the day.

Simple dog dander should not hinder you from owning or enjoying your pet. There are remedies that while they do not completely eradicate dog dander, reduce it significantly.


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