How To Rename an Adopted Dog

New Dog - New Name - New Start at a Great Life!

Unfortunately, many shelters are filled with dogs who were dropped off anonymously or found along the side of a road. When this is the case, the shelter is unaware of the dog’s name. If you adopt a shelter dog you might face the challenge of having to teach him his new name. Read the steps below to rename your adopted pup.

Step 1

Choose wisely. If you’ve been looking to adopt a dog for some time, you might already have a name picked out. Or, you’ve preferred to meet your dog and see what he looks like and what his personality is like before choosing a name. Either way, be sure you choose a name that is easy to say and easy to respond to. It has been suggested that the easiest names to respond to are names that end in “y” or “ie”. Because you are trying to teach an old dog a new name, you might want to take that fact into consideration.

Step 2

Have his or her identification tag created. Even though they don’t yet know their name, you still need to have proper identification for your dog. Those first few days at home are likely to be confusing ones for your adopted dog and he might try to escape. If he does escape, whoever finds him will be able to get in touch with you.

Step 3

Try it on for size. Immediately begin calling the dog by the name you’ve chosen. Don’t confuse him by going back and forth between two or three names. Don’t call him until you’ve settled on one name. In the first few days home, say it to him over and over while petting him.

Step 4

Call him from another room. Many dogs respond to the phrase, “Come here (insert name)”. So, even if your new dog doesn’t realize he’s been renamed, he might respond to this command anyway. Soon, he will begin to realize that the new name is always accompanied by this common command.

Step 5

Carry on a dialogue. As you go through your daily routine, talk with your new dog, always inserting his name at the beginning or end of every sentence. He will begin to see that this new word is repeated most in his presence.

Step 6

Be patient. Your dog has only known his new name for a fraction of time, compared with the years he was called by another name. Be patient and know that in time, he will respond to the name you’ve chosen for him.   

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