How To Select a Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever is a lovable dog and can make a wonderful addition to your family.  Overall, the breed is naturally obedient and gets along well with other dogs and children.  When selecting a Golden Retriever, several things must be considered in order for everyone to have a good experience and choose a healthy dog.

First, you need to make sure you understand what is involved in taking care of a Golden Retriever.  These dogs grow to be between 55 to 75 pounds and need daily exercise, so it is important that you either have a large, fenced-in yard or be able to make a commitment to walking him or her every day. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are not hypoallergenic and their long coats need regular grooming. Making sure you know how to properly care for your Golden Retriever prior to bringing him or her home is important and will save you some headaches. Identify now if you are interested in adopting a puppy or an adult, keeping in mind that Golden Retrievers can live up to twelve years.

A key to insuring that you have selected a happy healthy Golden Retriever is to buy from a reputable breeder.  In the United States, you can check the Golden Retriever Club of America's website for a free printable checklist of questions to ask breeders. Start by interviewing breeders closest to you, since viewing the dogs for possible health problems, as well as their interaction with others is important.  Expect a good breeder to ask you questions as well.  Make sure you check that the Golden Retrievers have been given their shots and all medical records are up-to-date.

If possible, visit the breeder.  Check and make sure the area where the Golden Retrievers are is clean.  The dogs should be clean and well-fed.  Don't be surprised if they bark when you approach, since Goldens are watchdogs and will bark at strangers. They should not shy away from you or the breeder.  Look for any visible problems, such as a limp or any strange lumps, as Golden Retrievers are prone to hip problems and cancers.

Once you have identified your breeder, you should have little trouble selecting a lovable Golden Retriever to bring home. 



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