How To Select a Great Dane

Bringing in a new member to any family is exciting and comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. A Great Dane can be the perfect addition to a family. Often called the "Apollo of all Breeds", Great Danes can be traced back to the Egyptians and some believe they originated in the Highlands of Tibet as they have much similarity to the Tibetan Mastiffs.

Finding the right Great Dane requires minimal research on the type of coat you are looking for. The variety of coats include harlequin, black, mantle, blue, fawn, brindle and merle. Breeders are also incredibly important in the process of acquiring a new puppy. Visit the breeder to ensure they have a clean facility, the mother and father are both in good health, and well mannered with no signs of aggressive behavior or interbreeding. The Male should be more massive than the female with a shoulder measurement of 30-32 inches while the female should be no more than 28 inches high at the shoulders.

Puppies should be active, playful and curious as you visit. They should also be weaned from the parent and on puppy kibble. Teeth should be white and skin and coat should look healthy. Some breeders will have even provided the first vaccines. Ask to see the certificates and take the appropriate one home with you if you decide to purchase a puppy from the breeder.

Monitor the temperament of the parents as well. Great Danes are friendly and takes well to other dogs, small animals, and humans. They should be supervised around small children as accidental injuries can occur with even the most well mannered Great Dane. Although not typical, Great Danes can show aggressiveness to dogs and chase smaller animals.

Daily exercise is important to Great Danes as they do not survive well in a restricted environment such as kenneling or exclusively as an outside dog. Having a fenced in yard is ideal when owning a Great Dane. A 6 foot tall fence will do as they are not known to jump.

Great Danes can also be more expensive to own because of their large stature. Proper food, veterinary care, fenced yard, toys, and training add up fast. Be sure that you are ready for the financial and physical responsibilities of a pet owner and you will enjoy every moment with your new Great Dane.


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