How To Select a Siamese

The elegant Siamese cat has beautiful blue eyes. In ancient Siam, this cat was considered royalty, and according to legend they received the souls of humans when they died. Here's how to select a Siamese:

  1. Understand the breed's temperament. Make sure that the Siamese breed makes a good choice for your household. Siamese cats are affectionate and social. They are good with all members of the family, from children to seniors. They can be somewhat demanding and like to be entertained frequently, but are also very entertaining to watch.
  2. Commit to the breed's requirements. Siamese cats are fairly low-maintenance. You don't need to watch their food intake carefully, because they do not usually become obese. This short-haired cat requires brushing once or twice per week, but no other specialized grooming.
  3. Know your options. Siamese cats are occasionally found in shelters or humane societies. There are also breed-specific rescues dealing only in the Siamese breed. However, if you are set on a purebred or want a Siamese for show purposes, you'll need to go through a breeder, which can often cost $200 to $500. Do you want a Siamese just as a pet, or do you plan to show your cat in competitions? You may be able to find an adult Siamese, as they are a relatively common breed. Many people choose kittens. Look for one that is older than 12 weeks; any younger and it isn't ready to leave its mother yet. Some Siamese cats are cross-eyed or have kinked tails, although most breeders try to avoid these traits, so they are becoming less common.
  4. Choose a breeder. Never buy a Siamese cat from a pet store; you won't know anything about the cat's history or lineage. Instead, choose a cat breeder who is active in the local community, including breed clubs or showing their own Siamese cats in competitions. The breeder you choose should insist on a written sales contract, including a health guarantee and a guarantee on your part to return the Siamese back to the breeder if you can no longer care for the cat.
  5. Ask about health conditions. Your breeder should be willing to guarantee your Siamese cat's health, including a guarantee against feline leukemia virus, or FeLV and feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV.
  6. Inspect the cat. Avoid any breeder who will not let you hold the cat before purchase. Pick up the cat, and check for good muscle tone. Avoid cats that are sneezing or have runny eyes. The ears of the Siamese should be clean and pink inside. The coat should not have any dry, flaky, or bald patches. Watch out for fleas, either live ones or flea dirt, which appears as small black specks in the cat's fur.
  7. First vet visit. As soon as possible, take your Siamese to the vet. Confirm the cat's health and catch any possible health issues early. A Siamese cat should be spayed or neutered at around 5 months old; this breed has been known to go into heat fairly early.

Siamese cats make great family pets. This affectionate breed is easy to care for, and is relatively easy to find in shelters or humane societies if you aren't set on a purebred cat and don't plan to show your Siamese in competitions.


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