How To Set up an Aquarium the Proper Way

The two basic types of aquarium are the saltwater aquarium and the freshwater aquarium. First of all, you need to know what kind of aquarium you would like to have. You can start with something that is approximately twenty to thirty gallons. You need to have a sturdy one with a level place for it to stand, undergravel filter plates, air pump, air hose and a tank box filter. You can also decide what kinds of decorations you would like your aquarium to have. You also have to prepare for the food that is appropriate for the kind of fish you are getting. You also need to buy some anti-chlorine water treatment. Your aquarium must be positioned away from direct sunlight and still with a good indirect light.

Make sure that the stand of the aquarium will not give in when the aquarium is filled with water to the top. Water is said to weigh approximately eight pounds per gallon and this means that the water in a 20-gallon tank weighs at around 160 pounds.

You can now begin to fill the tank with water and let it stay there for ten days. This procedure will definitely allow your fish to have a good environment since the water has been allowed to sit in for several days. In cleaning your aquarium, you must install undergravel filters as well as do some setting up of the air bubblers. You can put in some fishes that go well together. There are neon tetras and zebra danios as well as mollies and swordtails that are wonderful to look at.

The fish will be safe if you use anti-chlorine treatments. You must be careful to analyze the well-being of your fish because it may have chemicals that were present in the aquarium. You need to be aware that some of the wastes of the fish can be harmful chemicals and must be cleaned. You must also make sure that your aquarium is away from draft such as those coming from vents and windows. Your filter must also be fully assembled. You must not fill up your aquarium in one full cycle. You need to do this one at a time until it is about half full. Then you can start putting the rocks and decorations. Place your filter and heater in place. The heater adjusts to whatever is the temperature of the water for thirty minutes and then you can turn it on. You can wait for another two weeks before you actually put in the fish.


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