How To Start a Backyard Koi Pond

If you are like me, you have probably contemplated starting a backyard koi pond. Koi are beautiful and they are peaceful to watch swimming around. The first thing to consider when deciding to get a koi pond is to pick the proper location. You will want a location that is peaceful and aesthetically appealing. Your koi pond should be at least four feet deep. It needs to have a variety of aquatic plants so that your koi will have aeration as well as something to nibble on. Be aware however, that they will probably eat all the plants that you put in.

You will need  to have a liner and a concrete collar for your pond. You will need  to make sure you have a drainage area for it also. You need to pay particular attention to how your pond is constructed. Your building will have to be correct so your pond functions the way it's supposed to. It is also vitally important to protect your fish. In addition, you may want to have a waterfall in your pond to provide  additional aeration.  You also need  to have a bio filter to remove toxins and a pump to circulate water.

It is best to consult a professional when you are constructing your pond.   Make sure that your backyard is suitable for the type of pond you want to build.   You could alternatively start with a small pond that you can have on your deck that comes in a box. However, if you are going the backyard route make sure you have proper construction for your pond. That is probably the most important tip.

You also want to remember that your backyard koi pond should be in a part of your yard that has aesthetic appeal. Nothing is nicer than sitting beside your pond with your soothing waterfall as you as you look down at your koi swimming peacefully in the habitat you have constructed for them.

When you are feeding your fish make sure you are not overfeeding them as  with traditional goldfish they
are easy to overfeed. Make sure you are not feeding your fish more than they can eat in five minutes. You also
may want to provide a  enclosure for your pond if you can since koi can be eaten by cats, birds or raccoons.

Following these tips can provide you with backyard koi pond you can enjoy for years to come.


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