How To Start an Aviary

Bird keeping is one of the most rewarding hobbies nowadays.  Some raise birds as a hobby during their spare time and others do it to earn some profit.

The most common bird for breeding is the pigeon, usually for racing. But whatever your choice of bird may be, it is best to start your own aviary. 

Aviaries are not your usual cages, they are relatively a large enclosed place where birds can fly across. The enclosure is also known as a flight cage. Samples of the bird's natural flora are usually added to give a more natural ambiance for birds. But remember, just like your pet dogs or cats, birds also require regular feeding, scheduled aviary cleaning and attention from your veterinarian to keep them healthy and make sure they live as long as they can.

Keeping aviaries is more of a commitment and financial capability.  So the first thing you need to ask your self is if you are prepared for these responsibilities.  If you are, then let's start.

There are few things you need to considering before making an aviary.

First is the space available for your aviary. Also make sure it is away from sudden temperature or weather changes. If you are in a crowded neighborhood, or if you are living in an apartment building, it is ideal to keep small and quiet birds like finches and canaries.

Next is your choice of birds. For example, if your going to keep parrots, providing a large and durable aviary is best because parrots are playful birds.  It will help a lot if you are aware of the characteristics and behavior of the bird.

Aviaries are usually made of metal frame with heavy-gauge wires.  Some are also made of PVC.

There are two main kinds of aviaries.  First is grounded that must have a solid cement foundation to keep rats off of aviaries and gnaw on birds.  Also make sure that gauge wires are properly attached to the base and frames.  Floors are usually made of tiles for easier cleaning.

Another kind is the suspended type.  It hangs in the air with the help of posts fixed on the ground.  Another is the suspended type which hangs in the air with the help of posts.  Suspended type of aviaries keeps vermin off of aviaries as well.  These are usually made of wood.  Variety of designs, shapes and kinds are now available at local stores.

Birds behave differently.  It is highly recommended to consult an aviculturist before deciding what kind of bird to keep.  Calculate how much time you can spend feeding and bonding with your birds.  The budget you will allocate for expenses such as food, supplies and periodical veterinary check-ups.  Canaries and other small birds need more attention.  They feel happier and they easily get along with groups of the same family.  On the other hand, large birds like macaws and cockatoos are better kept alone. 

Keeping an aviary is not the most common hobby but it certainly will make you feel fulfilled and may earn an income as well.


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