How To Start your Own Dog Stud Service

Due to the high profitability of dog stud services, with the current price ranging from $250 up to $1,000, depending on whether the dog is considered a great champion or not, this business continues to attract dog lovers. The goal of any dog breeder is to have a good dog stud in terms of appearance, clinical assessment, sexual performance, and breeding potential. And just like any business, you have to work your way up before earning your dog a champion status and then start a dog stud service of your own.

While it may take you and your dog years of rigorous training and preparation, there are things you can start doing to get there.

  • Dog conformation shows are events held by dog breeders clubs with intent to evaluate breeding stock and recognize potential breeders. These dog shows only allows members to participate so it is advisable that you contact your local dog breeders club and ask about how to be a member. If your dog is seen as a potential, you may just be offered valuable assistances or even a dog stud service if your dog is ready.
  • Your dog should have all inoculations as required by your veterinarian or the club specifications. This may include tests from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF), and Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER). You may also be obliged to take Optigen, PennHip, and brucellosis tests.
  • Since most dog clubs require specific age limits before you can show your dogs on conformations, you may use this time to practice drills and presentation tricks. The American Kennel Club or AKC only allows dogs 6 months of age up to join its conformation events. Using this time to take dog handling and grooming classes is also a nice way to ready your stud. Learning more about different dog breeds, and the pedigree or the genealogy of dogs can also equip you with a nice arsenal of information to keep up with other dog aficionados.
  • When your dog has completed all genetics tests and immunizations, all primed and ready for the show, send him to conformation events and watch as you get all the nice comments and awards, even stud service offers.

An easy way to make your dog stud well-known is to hook up with the different stud service websites to advertise your champion. Better yet, make your own blog or website if you know how to make it a hot hit on the Internet. Just make sure you don’t put a ‘for sale’ tag so the message is clear to viewers. Continue joining conformation shows and compete with other studs to gain experience and exposure. Other stud service providers use short radio plugs to spread the word and others prefer the print media like newspapers or classifieds. There are a variety of ways to do it and reap the rewards of your painstaking years of preparation. Just don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it with your dog best friend. 


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