How To Stop a Dog from Eating Kitty Litter and Cat Feces

Dog Proof Litter Box

Pet dog about to eat

Many families that own dogs and cats know that dogs love to consume kitty litter and the deposits left in it. Knowing that your dog is eating cat feces and kitty litter is a nasty act. The technical name for this is coprophagous, which means consuming feces. Although this seems disgusting to us, it is very common in animals. The cat feces is high in protein which is attractive to dogs.

To keep my dogs out of the cat's litter box was quite the challenge. The only solutions I had were to elevate the litter box or rearrange my whole house to keep the dogs out. I had to designate an entire bedroom, close the door and put a cat hole in the door. Other people have tried using a baby gate to keep their dogs out.

Dogs consuming kitty litter and the deposits left in it can cause dogs to get a blockage in their intestines or make them ill. You can image what the clumping litter would look like in your dog's stomach. Oh, let's not forget that your best friend welcomes you with a kiss.

Until now, there have not been any realistic solutions. Finally, I found the Doggone Litter Block that easily inserts into the hood of your litter box and stops the dogs from entering. It has kept my four Siberian Huskies out and the cats in. I have a 16 pound cat that easily goes in and out. It works great and I now can put my litter box anywhere I want without the worry of the dogs eating everything in it. The design of the Doggone Litter Box also helps keep the kitty litter in the box instead of my floor. This is a great solution to an old problem. No chemicals, tools, or assembly required.


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