How To Support an Animal Society This Christmas

Animal welfare organizations have sprung up simply because there are more and more animals that are homeless or maltreated. Here are some ways you can help to make sure that these efforts of helping and saving helpless animals will continue to be a success especially this Christmas.

 1. Contribute your time.

Animal welfare societies put up shelters where they keep homeless and abused animals. Since most of these organizations operate on donations coming from like-minded individuals, the funds are not always sufficient to hire the needed manpower for the shelters. Contributing your free time will surely go a long way. You can even bring your kids with you while you're at it. Teaching them the value of caring for animals will be more effective if they see it in concrete action.

 2. Encourage your friends to participate in the animal society's awareness campaign.

These organizations usually host information drives to raise awareness on proper pet care. Getting more people involved in this endeavor by inviting your friends will surely spread the awareness more effectively.

 3. Participate in activities geared to raise funds.

Animal shelters have great needs. From personnel, to the food of the housed animals, to utilities like water and electricity, you'll be surprised at how costly this effort of saving animals can be. Helping your choice animal society in raising funds will go a long way in securing that the shelters will carry on this vital task of rescuing distressed animals. Christmas season is a particularly good time to launch fund raising activities as people are in a more charitable mood.

 4. Donate any surplus pet supply to your choice animal society.

Any donation in kind will greatly be appreciated by these animal welfare societies. If you have any surplus pet supplies such as cat litters, leashes or collars, toys, dog crates or cat carriers, blankets and towels, then by all means bring them to your local animal shelter.

 5. Ask what else is needed.

Animal welfare societies always welcome individuals who would devote their time, energy and passion in saving defenseless animals. All you need to do is ask what you can do to help - from fund raising efforts, to advocacy campaigns, to personally being there in the shelter to help in feeding, grooming and taking care of these poor animals.

Adopting a worthy cause such as supporting an animal society this Christmas can be a very meaningful way of spending the holidays.



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