How To Take Care of a Pigeon

Pigeons make great pets. They have incredible homing instincts and are sociable and docile. Rock pigeons reside in wide-open spaces, such as rooftops, buildings and rock ledges. The pigeons commonly found in urban cities as pets, are the feral rock pigeons. 

With a few pointers, a pet owner will have a good idea on how to take care of a pigeon:

Prepare the pigeon home. The easiest way to provide shelter for pigeons is buying a prefabricated home. Starting owners can get beginner pigeon housing that come with doors. The housing will prevent the pigeons from flying off. It will also protect the pigeons from other animals that may prey on them, such as cats and dogs.

The advanced type of pigeon shelter is called a pigeon home. This looks like a tiny building with small holes in it. This kind of housing is ideal for experienced pigeon owners with more than two families of pet pigeons.

Pigeon homes should be situated in an open area, allowing the pigeons room to maneuver when flying. The housing site should be at least shoulder height and within easy access of water.

Learn about pigeon feeds. Pigeons are fed with grain-based food only. Their food is not mixed with water. It is also not cooked. Barley, rice grain, corn and peas or a mixture are commonly supplied. Pigeon feeds can be bought at local pet shops. Feed pigeons regularly.

Take care of the water. A small shallow container placed inside or just outside the pigeon home can be used as watering hole. Maintain at least an inch of water at all times. It is important to keep the water clean as much as possible. Clean the container and remove dirt when replacing water.

Introduce the watering hole by splashing a bit of water in view of the pigeons. Repeating this will guide the pigeons to the water source.

Protection, comfort and flight. As stated earlier, it is better for beginners to start with a closed pigeon home. This will prevent the birds from flying off. The pigeons must be comfortable within the housing before giving them freedom of flight.

Once a pigeon considers a pigeon home their own, they can be set free without worry of loss. These birds will continue living in this pigeon home as long as they are comfortable. The pigeons may even attract other pigeons within the area. The attracted birds will be adopted by the group and will reside with them in the pigeon home.

Keep it clean. Keep the pigeon home clean by laying out old newspapers. This will make cleaning easier. Replace the newspapers whenever cleaning.

The newspapers also provide pigeons warmth. It is advisable to put in three layers of newspaper. Putting in hay, when available, is also a good idea.

Having pigeons as pets can be enjoyable. Remembering the things that are important to pigeons will assure the pet owner of healthy and happy birds.


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