How To Take Care of Newborn Lab Puppies

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world according to registered ownership. It is also known as Lab or Labrador. It is a favorite pet in the United States and United Kingdom. Labs are athletic, loyal and friendly. They love to swim, play in the water and are great with kids.

Dog enthusiasts usually breed labs because their puppies are popular. They are given away to friends or sold. They are bred yearly with a litter of 4 to 6 puppies. Labrador puppies are easy to care for since their mother is usually attentive. It is easy to take care of newborn Lab puppies by using the following tips:

  • A soft home. Labrador newborns love to have a soft and warm bed. Prepare their home by choosing an enclosed area or small open box. Use some old towels or blankets to line the bed. This will make the bed soft and warm for the puppies to enjoy. Place some newspapers outside the bed. This makes cleaning the Lab puppy’s home easier.
  • Supplying heat. Labrador puppies will not be able to regulate their temperatures a few weeks after being born. Help them keep healthy by placing a heat source to keep the temperature warm. Use a small lamp to provide heat. Other heat sources that can be used are hot water bottles, heaters or heating pads. The objective is to keep the temperature around 80 degrees. Be safe when setting up a heat source. Keep it away from the puppy’s reach, if possible, even from the mother’s reach. Puppies tend to be playful and they might hit the lamp and get burned.
  • Danger of being crushed. Take care that the puppies do not get crushed. Check the litter from time to time. Make sure that the other puppies and their mother do not crush a puppy.
  • Cleaning the puppies. Labradors keep their newborns clean. Help them out from time to time by using a warm, wet rag to wipe the puppies. Wiping their bottoms will stimulate their muscles allowing them capability to defecate easily. Puppies often suffer from failure to defecate. Help them defecate and prevent them from getting sick.
  • Feeding. Puppies will feed from their mother immediately after being born. After two to three weeks, it is recommended to supplement this feeding. Provide sustenance by giving the Labs puppy milk or mush. Milk is available in any local pet store. Mush is made by mixing food with water. Feed them regularly and frequently because the puppies will need it. Labradors are a huge breed and they grow very fast. They are also active and playful. They will need the energy.
  • Social satisfaction. Labs are very sociable. Lab puppies like to play and get attention. They will play with each other or will enjoy being played with by the owner. Make sure that every puppy gets time to play or gets attention.

Labrador puppies are easy to care for. The may be newborn, but they will grow quickly.


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