How To Take Care of Newborn Puppies at Home

Puppies are very cute and cuddly. They are delightful to have around and to play with. This is one of the reasons why people like having puppies for pets. However, taking care of puppies can be an effort at times. There are considerations when having them. The tips below will teach anyone how to take care of newborn puppies at home.

Follow these simple tips to make owning puppies easier and fun.

Arrange the puppy bedding. Prepare the newborn puppies’ bedding by finding an appropriate bed. A small basin or toddler pool is ideal. A shallow box can also be used. It is important that the bed is big enough to shelter all the puppies and the mother. Decide on the location of the bedding. It should allow the mother easy access to her puppies. Mothers will come and go often. The bedding area should be dry and warm. Line the bed with soft material. Use towels or blankets to make the bed soft. This is needed to make the puppies comfortable. Arrange the material to make the bed even. Put old newspapers over the sheets of the bedding. Newspapers should also be placed outside the bed. This will make cleaning easier.

Heat the bedding. It is necessary for puppies to have a steady source of warmth. Place a lamp over their beds. Heating bottles and pads can also be used to provide heat. Place heating bottles underneath blankets. Wrap them well so as not to harm the puppies with too much heat. Whenever heating source is used, make sure that the puppies’ and their mother’s movements will not turn them over. Accidents with heat sources could be fatal for the puppies. 

Keeping it clean. Keep the entire are clean. Always make sure that the puppies are clean and dry. Clean at least every two weeks. Replace newspapers and blankets if they are dirty. Never use cleaning materials with chemicals. The puppies and their mother might accidentally ingest the cleaning substance.

Wiping the puppy. Wipe the puppy’s genital and anal area to stimulate elimination. The mother usually does this. Help the puppies by using a warm and wet rag to slowly wipe their bottoms. The warmth and movement stimulates the muscles to allow it to excrete waste.

Feeding. Make sure that the mother is feeding all puppies. Guide puppies so they can feed. Gently lead the puppy to its mother. Be careful not to hurt the puppy while doing so. Lift the puppy by holding below its front legs and using the other hand to hold the puppy’s bottom for support. Puppies will feed continuously until full. Do not force-feed the puppies.

Puppy formula can also be given to the puppy if it doesn’t feed. Dog formula can be purchased at local pet stores. Use a small feeding bottle with a tough nipple.

There are times that taking care of newborn puppies is necessary. Do not be overwhelmed by the responsibility. Just follow the tips and everything will be manageable, even fun.


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