How To Teach a Dog to Ride a Skateboard

So What if Your Friend's Dog Can Shake?

Maybe you are one of those people who won’t settle for mediocrity. You’re not content to have your dog merely sit, stay and roll over; you want him to really impress your friends and neighbors. One way to guarantee that would be to teach him to ride a skateboard. I know it sounds far-fetched but it can be done. Follow the steps below if you and your pup are up to the challenge.

Step 1

Introduce your dog to the skateboard. Encourage your dog to sniff it while you turn it over showing him the different parts. Spin the wheels for him so that he sees they move. Place the skateboard on the ground and push it, so that he sees the entire board move.  (Whatever you do though, don’t let him lift his leg on your board!)

Step 2

Have your dog sit (leashed perhaps) while you ride the skateboard back and forth. He needs to see that it can be a moving object, so that he doesn’t get scared

Step 3

Pick your dog up and set him on the skateboard. He might be a little wary of this so make sure you reassure him with encouraging words. Put all four paws on the skateboard at once. If he sits, that’s fine, it’s more important that he gets a feel for the board. If he seems uncomfortable, pet him until he relaxes. Do not move onto step 4 until he is relaxed.

Step 4

Sometime a little boost helps. While he has all 4 paws on the board, gently push the board forward a few feet. If you need to, lay a reassuring hand on his back.

Step 5

From sit to stand. If he was sitting on the board, get him to stand on all 4 paws and give him a treat when he does this.

Step 6

Once again, push the board from behind. Gently take his back right paw and lift it off the skateboard onto the ground. Propel him forward using his own paw to guide him.

Step 7

3 paws is always good. Continue practicing putting his paw on the ground and pushing the board forward with his paw. Repeat this until he feels steady on the board with his other 3 paws.

Step 8

It's time to let go. Eventually, let go of his paw and see if he will take over the action on his own.

Be patient with this advanced trick. It might take him awhile to grasp it; it's not your basic rolling over after all!

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